As many people are aware, WordPress recently released their “Jetpack” plugin to users (it was previously only available to users). BUT, this is not a mere plugin, but more like a whole suite of cloud-based modules, all rolled into one. Not nearly enough people have started using Jetpack when they should be, so this post will go over some of the core features and benefits you’ll receive for doing so…


Benefit #1: Get Better Stats

Want very comprehensive stats detailing just about everything going on on your WordPress blog? Not a problem. Jetpack’s Stats is an awesome feature that records countless different things for you. What are some of the things you can keep track of with Jetpack’s stats? Well, you can see how many people are visiting certain pages, based on certain timelines, for example, you can see how many visits you got a page over the course of days, weeks, months, etc. Very handy. You can also see top posts and pages, so you can easily determine what’s working and what’s not. This is also very handy, especially if you’re a blogger, for example. You can see where your traffic is coming from, like referral or search, and if it’s coming from search you can see exactly what keywords they’re coming from… Overall the Stats module within Jetpack tracks everything very well. A great alternative to Google Analytics, if there ever was one.

JetPack Stats


Benefit #2: WordPress Likes

Aside from just having Facebook Likes, nowadays, you can also have WordPress likes as well. This is a nice feature that will allow people who read some of your posts to hit the like button real quick and show their appreciation. Just like using WordPress plugins like Sociable (mentioned in a different article) this will give you social proof and also, give you an idea of how many people like each individual post (to help you craft future posts). Nothing fancy here, just a nice, useful little feature to give you a bit more recognition and a better understanding of what’s working.

Wordpress Likes


Benefit #3: After The Deadline…

Another relatively unknown (and completely free) benefit to Jetpack, is using After The Deadline spelling and grammar checking within your WordPress site. Sure, WordPress does come with a regular spelling and grammar checker standard, but, After The Deadline is a far superior one, because it’s an open source technology that includes very intelligent grammar checking, as well as contextual spell checking (so no getting spelling errors for words that you just shouldn’t be getting errors for). This is a very neat tool, even if you consider yourself an English spelling and grammar pro, it can be very helpful… And like almost ALL Jetpack features, it’s also free, so why not?


Benefit #4: The Carousel

The Carousel in WordPress Jetpack is an absolutely stunning way to display images in a gallery. It pops up a full-screen that shows nothing other than just the images in a very nice-looking slide-show format, with comments and WordPress Likes below each and every image. It really makes a gallery pop. Bring all the focus on the images, and start a discussion on each one… it’s all possible with The Carousel. It’s purely cosmetic, but a feature that some bloggers simply shouldn’t pass up, especially if you’re into photography, or something of the like. Very cool.

Jetpack Carousel


Benefit #5: The Infinite Scroll For Bloggers

Running a blog? If you read some other blogs yourself, then you probably know how annoying it is when you’re searching through a blog, and you have to keep clicking “Previous Posts”, “Previous Posts”, forever. Well, this no longer needs to bother your users, with infinite scroll. Your visitors will scroll down to the bottom of your recent posts, and AUTOMATICALLY see more posts loaded very quickly. This will definitely make your blog feel very fluid and easy to use. For a blogger, this little feature alone is really enough for it to be worth getting the Jetpack going.


This is part one, and in the second part, we’ll go over some more of the excellent features you’ll be getting with Jetpack for WordPress, but in the meantime, try it out, check out some of these features for yourself, and enjoy the benefits. All but one module within Jetpack is free, so enjoy.