While there are many tactics you can use to keep users engaged and happy only few of them will actually make them explore additional content. Forums have pageviews of 10+ per user, but even normal sites can drive their average pageviews per user to 2.5 or even 3 using a few simple tricks.

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The Problem With Bounce Rate Calculations

Improve Bounce Rate

Tools such as Google Analytics and Alexa will usually give you a number that may be imperfect. If a user only views a single page it is considered a “bounce”, hence you will typically see rates of 60-70% in optimized sites and 80%+ on poorly optimized news sites. Most news sites have the problem that users will typically arrive from sources such as Google news and then they are gone. They are also most often poorly optimized and don’t know how to engage users. Always keep in mind that engagement does not mean posting a comment.

Don’t Manipulate Google Analytics Bounce Rate

If a user spends 1-2 minutes on your page he engaged in some way (by reading your text carefully, which is not the norm). That’s why you can tell Google Analytics to trigger a pageview after a user stays for 10 seconds using this line:

setTimeout('pageTracker._trackEvent(\'Action\', \'Action\', \'10 seconds\')',10000);

However, I find this to be not useful for analyzing server issues. Most often your bounce rate will be greatly affected by technical things such as KeepAlive or the number of nginx workers / Apache processes currently serving requests. That’s why it’s not a good idea to add this line as many sites suggest and it’s a better idea to set up event tracking to calculate engagement rates.