It’s this time of the year ago. I remember April 26th, 2012 like it was yesterday. You may too if you were hit by Panda 1.0 – here’s the bad news the evil Panda is back! But this time around you might actually benefit from it

5 Reasons Why Panda 2.0 Will Be Bad For Your Site

Webmasters who are building and buying links should be more afraid than others, but there are other reasons why the next algorithm update could be a disaster for you

1. Your site will lose rankings for your top content sites: It is very possible that sites that ranked well before will receive less unique visitors, however your site may benefit from an overall traffic increase so that revenues will remain stable

Possible Panda 2.0 Pre-Update On May 13, 14, 15.Png

Picture: A typical site hit by the latest Panda 2.0 update on May 13-15, a possible precursor to the actual Panda update. Check your own site stats to see if you have been hit

2. Transparency. Panda 2.0 is even less transparent than Panda 1.0 – Google (yet) again does not disclose any specific information other than “More search queries” will be impacted this time. If you remember, Panda 1.0 put thousands of businesses and affiliates out of business over night. Yes, some of them were blackhats, but Panda also hit a lot of whitehats who never used any link-building tactics and their link profiles just looked a little too unnatural to the lovely Googlebot

3. Google conducts thousands of experiments per year. If you saw a traffic decline on May 13-15, it is possible you will be hit by Panda 2.0.

4. Spun content will be more heavily penalized – Article spinning is no longer a viable way to inflate your content and revenue

5. Bad link profiles and link networks will have a great impact AGAIN. If you failed to “fix” your unnatural link profiles you may drop out of Google completely. Check the Webmaster tools by Google to verify there are no bad link profiles pointing to your site

5 Reasons Why Panda 2.0 Will Be Good For Your Site

Google gets better at detecting quality content. If you’re a white-hat webmaster you can benefit from it the most. Use proper site markup and make it easy for Google to crawl your content

1. Exact keyword matches will be beneficial again. Panda 1.0 went a little too far, rendering exact keyword searches useless. Apparently, Google wants to undo some of the changes and so far it very much looks like keyword-stuffing will be back on the list for many blackhats. Whitehats should continue to avoid it like the plague and focus on keyword relevance.

2. Googlebot gets better at detecting quality content – Use markup to improve readability by Google and improve your content

3. Googlebot gets better at detecting frequently updated content. If you keep your content fresh and updated regularly, you may benefit greater than your competition

4. Social signals play a more vital role than ever before in Google’s history. While you should never exploit this, you can benefit from this by employing a reliable social media strategy: Post updates to your social properties (Facebook, Google+ Page, Pinterest, etc.) and write introductions for your shared content to engage readers

5. Your overall traffic might increase if you have good content. Content is king – if you have decent content that is being shared, has user comments, images with alt texts and everything you would expect from proper articles then you may greatly benefit from Panda 2.0