As a webmaster, one of your goals should be to optimize your revenue streams. Making more money with Adsense on existing pages can be really easy. Below I listed 10 useful tips that will help you to increase your revenue over night

1. Start A/B Split Testing, below is the official code that I grabbed from the Google Adsense Blog

<script type=”text/javascript”>
    var random_number = Math.random();
    if (random_number < .5){
        //your first ad unit code goes here 
    } else { 
        //your second ad unit code goes here 
<script type=”text/javascript”     src=””></script>

2. Follow the Google Adsense Blog for updates, they often share valuable tips

3. Instead of focusing on traffic, try to focus on pageviews. You can easily make more money with Adsense by increasing your pageviews. For that it is recommended to add “Similar Articles” below each article. Some popular widgets like LinkWithin make this very easy, but WordPress, Drupal and Joomla all have a module or plugin for that

4. Use a Facebook Activity Box To Increase Pageviews. More Pageviews will increase your Adsense earnings

5. Do not blindly follow tips from your Adsense panel. For example they may suggest to use a 300×250 Adsense unit, but in reality a 336×280 unit could earn more. You have to try this for yourself

6. Use Google’s DFP  – this will help you to set up a more reliable system. You should do some research about it on how to set it up properly

7. Prevent Ad Blindness – you can easily increase your CTR by positing ad units in certain “Hot zones”. Above the fold ad units will usually earn the most, but don’t ignore other “hot zones” directly below an article or in the sidebar. In order to find the sweet spot on your own site, you may want to try – a service that will help you to identify where people click the most

8. Blue and red are the best performing colors for Adsense units. Try to mix both for your text ad units. Create one entirely blue, one entirely red, two mixed: one where the headline is blue and the URL red and one where the URL is blue and the headline red.

Blue Adsense Unit With Red Colors.png

A blue headline and black URL can perform well – but in any case you should do a couple split tests to find out what works best on YOUR site!

9. Add Google Analytics and link Analytics with your Adsense account – you can then see your best performing pages by revenue directly within Google Analytics. Use the information to create similar pages, either on the same domain or on a new page. Exploit this technique as much as possible and you can triple your Adsense revenue in a month

10. Follow Google’s best practices guidelines on Ad placements