One of the most important things to do to improve your on-page SEO and figure out what impressions bring you the most traffic is to link your Google Analytics property with Google’s Webmaster Tools, here’s how to do that

First Open Google Analytics – click on Reporting, uncollapse Traffic Sources, Search Engine Optimization, then Queries:

Set Up Webmaster Tools Data Sharing.png

Click the button Edit to edit your Webmaster Tools Settings

Edit Webmaster Tools Settings.png

Now click on Add A Site To Webmaster Tools

Add A Site To Webmaster Tools.png

Next, click Add a site

Add A Site.png

Enter the URL of your site – make sure to add the www if your site is redirecting to www 

Enter Url Of Site You Would Like To Manage.png

Now, click the blue link download HTML verification file which you will have to upload to your site to verify ownership

Download This Html Verification File.png

If you don’t have a tool to connect to your website via FTP or SFTP then download Filezilla and set it up. Browse to the public_html folder of your website and upload the verification file Download Filezilla.png

Now you can verify your site

Verify Site.png

Now the site should be verified – if you have problems, you should visit the page where you uploaded the file and check if it actually exists Verified Webmaster Net.png

You can now link this analytics property to your Webmaster tools account

Link Analytics Property To Webmaster Tools.png

Confirm to add this association

Add Association.png

Finally, click the Apply button to link your Analytics and Webmaster Tools account

Apply Webmaster Tools Site.png

You have now successfully linked the Webmaster tools to your Google Analytics property – this will help you to analyze your site and improve your onpage SEO and check your site impression

 If you have any questions, post your questions below