If you’re a webmaster, and you’re looking to run your site effectively, there’s no two ways about it, you absolutely need the right tools. Just as a builder needs a hammer, a screwdriver, and nails, you need certain tools in order to build your site, maintain your site, optimize it, and secure it. In this series of articles, we’ll go over several free tools from YellowPipe.com, which can be indispensable for webmasters such as yourself.

Tool #1: Broken Link Checker…

One of the biggest nuisances that we webmasters face, is having links on our site that were either punched in wrong, or are outdated, and no longer work. This can be an embarrassment to an otherwise authoritative site, and while I don’t know the Google algorithm inside and out, I strongly suspect that Google frowns upon this as well, meaning it can certainly hurt your website rankings. So, what do you do? Use a broken link checker. It’ll quickly go through your content, test out your links, and, if any are broken, it will tell you so that you can either fix them, or remove them entirely… very helpful.

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