In this article, we’ll talk a lot about how you can write quality text ads on Facebook Ads to get a higher CTR on your advertising campaigns. This is absolutely crucial for succeeding with Facebook Ads, and creating profitable campaigns. If you can’t get a good amount of high CTR ads, then chances are, you won’t succeed with Facebook, it’s that simple. Of course, you still have to target your ads well, and have solid copy on the landing page also, but the CTR of your ads is one key factor that can make or break your campaigns.

Tip #1: Remember The Order of Importance…

The first thing you have to keep in mind, are the three different elements of a typical Facebook text ad. So, what are they? You have the picture, the headline, and of course, the description. Now, conventional wisdom from Copywriting, and normal text ads, tells us that the headline is the MOST important element in general. While that is usually true, not so with Facebook Ads. With these text ads, the most important thing is the picture. That’s what really draws people in, and either interrupts what they’re doing. In this way, I guess you could say that it’s more like a banner ad than a text ad, since the same rule applies with banner ads (where getting people’s attention is the most important part).

So, what’s the order of importance then, and how do we apply it within our own ad creation and split testing? The order is, picture, headline, and last but not least, description. Now, I should mention that these are still small ads, and so every element (including the description) is still very important, BUT, when you’re split testing, and doing wide tests early in a campaign (or just wide testing in general) it’s crucial that you get the image down first. Split test a whole bunch of images before you mess with anything else. Once you have a few proven headlines, I’d recommend just using the same headline with many different pictures when you go to test new pics, instead of trying to do some multi-variate testing. Also use the same description as well (again, one that you already know to get a decent to good CTR). This way, you can isolate the variable to being JUST the image itself, and nothing else. Once that’s done, then you can do more narrow tests by split-testing several different headlines and at last, several different descriptions. But remember, try just one variable per ad, start with the images, and work your way down to the description.

Facebook Ad Elements

Tip #2: Do I Bid CPC or CPM…?

With Facebook Ads, as with many ad platforms, you’re given an option as to whether you want to bid on a CPC basis, or a CPM basis. Now, some people might say that CPC is better, and some people might say that CPM is better, but the truth is, both sides of that argument are wrong. They both have their merits, and they’re both good, just at different times. Here’s what I suggest: You start out bidding on a CPC basis when you’re testing out new ads. This puts the weight (and risk) on Facebook’s shoulders, so if the ad doesn’t convert, no biggie, it’s their problem, and you didn’t pay too much for clicks, because you didn’t get that many clicks anyways, and you basically tested out the quality of a certain ad, on Facebook’s tab. Now what do you do once an advertisement has proven itself, and has a consistently high CTR? You guessed it. You switch over to CPM, where you you’re shouldering the risk, but also getting more profit because of it (and there’s really no risk, because you already know the ad converts).


Tip #3: Give Local Ads Some Local Pride…

Everyone has pride in their “home” area for one reason or another. If you’re using Geotargeting, then find out exactly what it is, and take advantage of it in your ad copy, but especially your image. Give people an image that they’re going to recognize, and be able to relate with. Obviously, you should find some way to tie this in with your product, service, or whatever it is you’re marketing, but, if done correctly, this can be a super-powerful technique. You can use any famous landmark, for example, if you were targeting people in the U.S and in the state of New Hampshire, you could use their famous “Old Man on The Mountain” symbol in some way. This is something they’d instantly recognize, and they’d get the feeling that you were one of them, and be more likely to click on your ad. If you don’t know of anything like this for the area you’re targeting, no problem, just do a little research online, or ask people in forums, and you’re bound to find something good that you can use in your local ad copy.

Increase CTR: How to design your ads

In this part, we’ll go a little bit deeper into how you can increase your CTR using the Facebook Ads platform. We’ll talk a bit more about how you can design your ads to make sure that they convert. Now that you know how to bid, know the order of importance of the different elements within each Facebook Ad, and of course, you now know some interesting ways to boost your CTR with geotargeted ads, let’s go over a few more tips.

Tip #4: Sex Might Sell, But Don’t Make This Common Mistake…

We’ve all heard the saying “sex sells”, and many of us know that to be true from our own campaigns. This has led people who are selling some RANDOM thing to advertise it with a hot woman. This does NOT work, because it will get your ads disapproved, and to top it all off, even if by chance you do get it through, people may click on your ad, and then leave immediately right after they find out that you duped them, and that the beautiful woman isn’t in any way relevant to your offer. So basically, doing this will just increasing your bounce rate. The point I’m trying to make here, is that you need to make sure that your ad, from the top down; image, headline, description, all need to be relevant to what you’re advertising. This may not boost your CTR, but it will ultimately boost your conversions, which of course, is the most important metric at the end of the day.

Irrelevant Facebook Ad

Tip #5: Stay Relevant, But Go Crazy…

While of course you should definitely stay relevant to your niche, as per the advice given above, you should also make sure to sometimes go a bit crazy, and try things that are a little weird (or very weird). The reason is, this is still interruption advertising, and people are more likely to be interrupted by something that’s crazy or “off the wall” than any typical “run of the mill” advertisement. You might not think that these crazy sort of things work, but they definitely do (oftentimes), so why not give it a shot? You also may be surprised at how often shock imagery works as well. It certainly gets people’s attention


Tip #6: Oftentimes, Clarity Beats Hype…

As long as your image manages to get peoples’ attention, you may find that just being very clear about your benefits is what really converts. It may lower your CTR just a little bit, but the people who do click will be really targeted, so, once again, this is one of those techniques that will increase your conversion rate, and ultimately, your EPC. Being too hypey without being clear on what you have to offer might cost you some serious money as you pay for clicks and impressions from people that have no real desire to purchase, or sign up for, whatever it is you’re offering. So try creating some ads where you’re just very clear about what your value is, and make sure to pay special attention to your EPC with each ad, which is a far more important metric than your CTR, obviously.


Tip #7: Make It Stand Out…

One advantage that you have with Facebook, which you don’t have with display advertising, for example, is that you always know exactly what site your ads will be displayed on: Facebook. So, what does this mean for us? Well, because we always know what site our ads will be displayed on, we can make our ad stand out consistently. How? Well, what makes an ad stand out is often contrast. So mixing hot colors with cold colors, is a major form of contrast. Now, what colors does Facebook use? Blue and light (as well as white). Just about all cold colors.

Now, that being said, we can make our ads stand out by putting a hot colored border around it. So, a border that’s in red, yellow, or orange. Orange is particularly good, because orange is the “opposite” color to blue, though red seems to get a lot of attention from people as well, so if you’re doing some narrow split-testing, why not try both of them? Also, using an entire image that is primarily hot colors might get you more attention and a higher CTR than a more cold-colored image (especially better than a picture that’s primarily blue). So play around with this, using different hot colors within and around your images can give drastic increases in your ads’ CTR.

Facebook Ad With A Red Border

Faces Within Facebook Ads

So far, we’ve covered 7 tips on how to increase your CTR within Facebook Ads. In this part of this series, we’re going to go over some more valuable tips for increasing your CTR with Facebook Ads.

Tip #8: It Doesn’t Need To Be Pro…

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that their Facebook Ads need to look super-professional, as if they hired a professional design firm to create the image, and a professional ad agency to write the copy. This is especially true for businesses, at least moreso than for solo affiliates, for example. The problem with this of course is that people see these, and immediately, they feel like they’re being “advertised at” for the thousandth time that day (or more). That’s why amateur-looking ads oftentimes get higher Click-Through Rates. It looks more honest to people, and they don’t feel like they’re being aggressively advertised to. Definitely try split-testing some amateur-looking ads in all your campaigns.


Tip #9: Show Them The End Result…

People like to be able to picture their own success, so why not help them to do it? If, in your ad, you can show people where they’ll be if they succeed, then you’ll oftentimes find yourself getting a much higher CTR. Regardless with what you’re offering, whether it’s a CPA offer, service, digital/physical product, etc., there’s always something that the end user can fix, or accomplish with it. For example, let’s say you’re offering an investment plan for seniors looking to retire. You could show a picture of an older person kicking back on the beach and sipping a margarita (pretty cliché, I know, but you get the idea). Anything you can do to help them imagine that they’re already enjoying the success that you offer, is great, and can very well boost your CTR.


Tip #10: Show People & Faces

For some reason, showing people on your ads seems to get attention, and get a higher CTR. Not just beautiful women, but all manner of people, particularly close-ups of their faces. People are just drawn in to looking at other people, it’s that simple really. Also, people smiling tends to work well. Can’t tell you why, but it does. Also, going back to “shock imagery”, people who are strange-looking, for one reason or another also tend to grab attention. This could mean someone with tattoos all over, or piercings all over their face, for example, are definite attention grabbers.

Another great thing you can do, is to use pictures of celebrities. People like to click on and give their attention to people whom they actually recognize. If it’s someone the person is interested in, then they’re FAR more likely to click on that ad. Keep this in mind when determining what celebritie(s) you want to use in your image… it should work with the demographics your targeting. If you’re targeting young women for example, you’d be more likely to use someone like Robert Pattenson, for example, whereas if you were targeting a male, adult audience, you might want to use a famous football player, such as Tom Brady. Just figure out what celebs your target demo is most likely to have an affinity with, and split-test ads that include that person or those people.

Facebook Ad Positioning

Testimonials & Animals – Conclusion

We’ve now gone over quite a few tips for getting a Higher CTR with Facebook Ads. In this article, we’ll go over the final few tips. Once you’ve read this entire series, you should have several good ideas which you can implement, and you should see your CTR drastically increased. Make sure not to just implement one or two ideas, but rather, try many of them. Try and see which ones work within your niche by testing them against each other. Test enough of them, and you’ll find many winners without a doubt.

Tip #12: Try Incorporating Animals…

Yes, I know it sounds a bit strange, but here’s the reality; all those cute little dog and cat videos floating around YouTube with millions upon million of views are so popular for a reason. People just love things that are “cute”. They draw in their attention, and get them to want to click. This works better with a female audience, but, it oftentimes works well with just about any audience, so it’s definitely something you want to try out, if you can make it even remotely relevant to what you have to offer. If not, don’t bother, but these cute little critters can give you a nice boost in CTR, so make sure to give them a shot. Anything slightly out of the ordinary, such as animals wearing clothes? Even better.

Facebook Ad Question

Tip #14: Have Raving Testimonials? Use ‘Em

Good testimonials and reviews convert… and that’s why people use them. Don’t just use them on your landing page however. If you’ve got some great [legitimate] testimonials, why not use them in your Facebook Ads text ads? People love to hear a great review, and putting them in quotes will help to get peoples’ attention anyways. The more intriguing these testimonials sound, the better. Obviously, you have to be careful to make sure the testimonial you’re using fits within a Facebook Ad. Alternatively, if you have a good video testimonial, you could put it inside a video ad, and you’ll oftentimes get a good CTR just from doing that. Try it.

Tip #15: And Of Course… The Call To Action

Just like with any type of Copywriting, it’s important that you include a Call To Action. It doesn’t have to be something clever, or catchy, just make sure to ask for the click. Now, you can’t always fit a call to action within every single ad that you do, but, try your best to get them in there as often as you can, even it’s just a quick “Click Here”. Naturally, giving them a real reason to click works even better. For example “Click Here, Because You Won’t Believe This…” will probably work better than just your typical “Click Here”. Split-test different call to actions, and find a few that work really well. Once you find these, you can just use them in a whole bunch of your ads (where they fit).


This has been the longest series I’ve ever done, because there’s so much to say about Facebook Ad Copy. If you follow these tips, you WILL find a winner, {assuming you’re offering something of value and interest) and pretty quickly. Don’t just try them individually though, mix and match them together. I know it’s hard to implement more than say, two tips or more into one ad, but when you mix them together, you’ll find that oftentimes, the ad copy is even more powerful. So good luck!