Blogging your newsletter every day for maximum online money making leverage It’s been said that constant communication with your audience is a must so they don’t “forget” about you. In the world of ADHD and shiny objects, you can see why that is sound advice.


Daily communication

Consistency is key in the online world. And so is leverage. So, how can you leverage your time in a very effective way whilst communicating daily? In this article I will go over a strategy that you can put into an existing business starting today, a strategy that you may have already seen in play online already, even if only on an inconsistent basis.

The setup

To make the most out of this strategy you will need the following in place already.

1) Gmail account – it’s just easier to get all the other accounts when you have this.

2) YouTube account – if you already have a Gmail account, then you have a YouTube account as well.

3) Google+ profile – again, this was likely setup in part of the Gmail account creation process.

4) Google+ page – only takes a few minutes.

5) Facebook profile – who doesn’t have one of these?

6) Facebook page – takes just a few minutes.

7) Twitter account – takes no time at all.

8) Optional photo hosting accounts – Social accounts for photos could come in handy. These include Flickr, Instagram, and Pinterest.

9) Self hosted blog – Get a domain for $10/year, a shared hosting account for $100/year, point the domain to the hosting account and install WordPress. Should take 20 minutes to 2 hours depending on your skill level. Paying someone on Elance $25-$40 could get the job done pretty quickly.

10) Install a responsive theme so that your web site will work in browsers of all sizes, and on all devices including smartphones. has a great selection.

11) Link to all your social profiles/pages (Twitter, G+, Facebook, etc.) The theme likely has places to paste the URLs.

12) Include social sharing buttons for people to share your posts. Include SEO and OpenGraph options for each post, or use Custom Fields in posts.

13) Setup an Autoresponder, AWeber is a good choice. Add a form to the top right and under each post, and on a separate “subscribe” page. Include links to social profiles and pages from the subscribe page as well. Include standard pages (about us, contact, etc.) and legal pages (disclaimers, privacy policy, terms of service, etc.)

14) Get a logo made or do it yourself. Same with a favicon while you are at it, as well as images to dress up your social profiles.

Tip: Don’t include your domain name or call to action on your Facebook Cover photo. It’s against the terms and they have the right to shut down your page even after accumulating 10,000 fans and after 2 years.

15) Install Google Analytics code.

16) Install on-page and XML sitemaps.

17) Maybe even a video sitemap. Include a news sitemap if all, or a portion of your site, will be “news.”

18) Add site to Webmaster Tools for major search engines.

19) Submit to Google News if news site (after a few pieces of content are in place).

20) Submit a press release to announce the web site launch. Include an Autoresponder message that asks them to friend you on all social circles.

Include a product on the thank you page and/or social profile links. Or make the thank you page an opt in for another program where you get commissions. This is what some “leverage marketers” refer to as double opt-in 😉

Daily activities

1) Create a YouTube video – Publish the video to YouTube. Use some long tail keywords in the title, in tags and in description. Make a long description that describes the video well. Even shoot for 300+ words.

2) Write an email as a blog post – Publish a blog post in conversational tone, as if you were writing an email. Monetize it how you wish. If you feel like a set it and forget it monetization strategy, apply AdSense throughout the site. Also include affiliate links if relevant. Cite your sources. Don’t be afraid to link to further information even if it doesn’t benefit you monetarily right now (or ever). Embed your YouTube video. Go back to video and link to post in description. Include a featured image. Optionally, post some images to image sharing sites and embed them in the content. Ask the visitors a question. Tell them to sign up for updates.

3) Announce post in social circles – Post a link to the content in your social circles. If setup properly, OpenGraph will handle the formatting with images, description etc.

4) Send email to list – Email the post to your list without any changes. Just tell them to visit the site to comment and to see the video.

5) Kiss your spouse. Kiss your children. – Your work is done for the day. Enjoy life. It’s short. Don’t be married to the computer. It’s a lonely life.