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Fast Websites

Website optimization doesn’t end here. Although you can work through this in less than a week, it takes a lot of testing and willpower to implement everything on a production site. You need to keep testing various configurations and keep an eye on your server load at all times. A fast setup that is constantly busy is not as good as a fast setup that rarely exceeds a CPU load of 30%. The lower the resource usage the faster your server will respond to each request and the better it will perform during peak hours.

Why Should Small Online Business Owners Learn The Basics Of Web Optimization?

You can hire technicians or your host to perform all of this for you, but you will never be able to fully understand what they are charging you for and what to look for.

A fast, responsive website is not done in a week, it takes time. Knowing how to tweak a few settings yourself will go a long way towards higher conversions. Higher conversions is what you’re after and understanding web servers will make quite an impact.