If you have a new website and you are interested in bringing in revenue through advertisers then you need to start at the beginning. The internet is vast in size and a new website can easily be lost in the shuffle. Looking for a new website can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. To avoid this problem one should follow some basic steps. Doing so will help you establish traffic flow to your site and will ultimately help you to find and keep advertisers.

Pro Tip: If you’re running a WordPress niche blog you will often be contacted by advertisers directly, even if your site is still very small. You can use a plugin like the OIO Publisher plugin to allow someone to rent advertising space on your website. More details at http://www.oiopublisher.com/

Optionally, you can install an ad server on your server like OpenX – however, you will need a good dedicated server with at least 8GB RAM


Create a Unique and Niche Oriented Website

In order to attract an audience to your website you need to create a website that is both unique and niche orientated. Baby boomers are a case in point. If you were to gear the theme of your website to a target audience like baby boomers then an incredibly large group of high income earners becomes available to potential advertisers. Given there is 79 million baby boomers in the U.S alone this group will likely be one advertisers will not ignore.

Design a Website with Informative Content and Visual Appeal

Spend some time and money early in the process on the look of your website. Make it professional looking. A website that has interesting and informative content with visual appeal will make advertisers want to share space on your page. Ensure your website design allows for adequate advertising space. High visibility is an advertiser’s dream.

Employ Strategies to Drive Traffic to Your Website

The importance of traffic flow to one’s website cannot be overstated. If traffic is light and it needs to be increased then so be it. Selling your website starts with you. Write articles about your site describing its content and features and submit them to article directories. Write good solid press releases on your product and submit them to reputable press release websites. Utilize the various social networking sites out there to flog your product. Remember these methods will all help to increase traffic to your website. When mail and feed subscribers are high, advertisers will take notice.

Actively Reach Out to Advertisers

Reaching out to advertisers through emails and a good old fashioned phone call are two other methods worth acting on. Send emails out to prospective advertisers and explain your website and describe the advantages of advertising on your site. Use the phone with the same intent. Look to see who is advertising on other sites like yours and give them a call. Start off small and go with the smaller businesses first. Highlight the merits of doing business on your site. Be polite and restrict your return calls. Avoid sounding like a telemarketer.

Use Affiliate Programs

Enlist the services of affiliate programs. There are a number of services that provide these programs online such as Google AdSense. These programs will allow you to make money by connecting customers via links to another site that offers products or services.

Include an “Advertise Here” Banner

Another method utilized to attract advertisers is to place an “Advertise Here” banner on one of your web pages. The banner will let potential advertisers know that you are welcoming advertising on your site. The banner should include contact information, theme of website and demographics pertaining to your target audience. One of the key factors in finding advertisers for your website is one that correlates directly with your target audience and the traffic it attracts to your site. It’s all about the buzz. If enough hits are being made on your site on a daily basis and the content keeps your audience coming back for more, half the battle is won. The rest is up to you. Sell yourself and the advertiser will come.