There are many excellent ways that an Internet Marketer, or business owner can generate quality, targeted traffic, for pennies on the dollar. This article will go over some of those methods, so that you can apply them to your own business, and increase your customer base, very quickly. The first thing we should talk about, is things to avoid. Facebook Ads, being one of them. You’ll notice that if you’ve ever used FB Ads, they always have a VERY high recommended bid, and that’s going to simply kill the profitability of your campaigns. Google AdWords is another thing avoid, if you’re looking for cheap traffic, because unless you know how to get a very high quality score with AdWords, you’re looking pay an arm and a leg for traffic. So, let’s get into exactly how you can generate some serious traffic on the cheap.


Method #1: Test PPC, Buy CPM

Buy Sell Ads Media Buying is a great place to buy cheap traffic on a CPM basis – but also Google Adwords provides this option, you just have to dig a little deeeper

Generally speaking, when you’re buying traffic on a Pay Per Click (PPC) basis, it’s going to be far more expensive, than when you’re buying traffic on a Cost Per Mille (CPM) basis. The reasoning for this, is because when you’re paying on a PPC basis, all the risk to display that ad, is on the Publisher’s side, because if the ad has poor ad copy, and gets a low Click-Thru Rate (CTR), then the Publisher of that ad won’t make any money off of it, and it’s the advertiser’s fault, for not making a good ad. So because the Publisher is assuming all the risk, the advertiser is going to have to pay extra to cover that extra risk whenever they do get a click.

However, when you’re paying on a CPM basis, the Publisher gets paid, regardless of whether all 1,000 people who saw the ad clicked on it, or whether none of them did, so they simply don’t care. In this case, all the risk is put squarely on the shoulders of the Advertiser. The good news is, when you’re shouldering all the risk, you get rewarded with cheaper traffic, when your advertisements do get clicked on. So this is the reason this method works so well. When you have a bunch of ads, whether they be banner ads, text ads, etc. and they’re untested, you don’t know whether those ads are going to convert or not, so you WANT the Publisher to be taking on all the risk. On the other hand, once you test all the ads, and you find ads that you know will convert, then you want to take on the risk, because there is no risk, just a higher reward. This gives Advertisers the advantage when it comes to marketing, because there are enough PPC and CPM options out there, that an advertiser can test on one, and buy on another. One good way to do this, is to simply test your banner ads using something like the Google Display Network, and then, move onto Media Buying, once you have some banners that have a solid CTR.


Method #2: Solo Ads – Provide 100% commission, Profit From Upsells

One commonly overlooked, but effective method for generating traffic cheaply, is to create a solo-ad. A solo-ad is an e-mail that you write, that other people can send to their lists, and in exchange, they will earn money from it somehow. One way to do it, is to pay them to send the e-mail up-front, and oftentimes, you can get a pretty good amount of traffic like this, but it can also be expensive, as well. An even better strategy, however, if you have a product, as well as upsells, it to write the solo ad yourself, (or better yet, hire a copywriter to do it) and then offer anyone who has a list, 100% commission if they’re willing to send this e-mail out to their list. It’s a win-win, because you get to get your name out there for free, AND you can get a TON of up-sells from all the orders purchased. So for example, if you have a an eBook, you can offer 100% commission on that, and then, sell a video series to those people who are interested in learning the topic further, and get 100% on up-sells, for traffic that you didn’t even have to pay for. Great deal for everyone involved.


Method #3: Partnering With Publishers

One method, that’s not usually talked about, but can net you an excellent amount of income, is to partner up with people who own a large authority site, or blog, and who has an audience that’s interested in what you’ve got to sell. You can contact these people by doing a whois (, find out their contact information, and let them know that you’d like to do a Joint Venture with them, and split the profits. You do all the work creating the product, and if they want, you can put both their names on it, and in exchange, this person gives you unlimited free advertising on their website, plus, you’re piggy-backing off of their established authority. Awesome.


So, there’s three methods for getting traffic to your website/offer for very little, or for nothing, as the case might be. Hopefully you’ll implement these tips, and they’ll contribute to your success.. Good Luck!