You are ready to make money online, but how? Naturally having your own web site can begin to generate an income for you as it has for millions before you. But do you need to create the next Facebook to make good money online. Absolutely not. Today I’ll cover 3 web site types that I use myself that generate an income for me.

niche sites

Keep It Simple: Use WordPress

To keep things simple, and free, we will use WordPress to build all these sites. WordPress, while still categorized often in the “blogging platform” section it is much more than that. With the extensibility features, WordPress can be built out into some very powerful web sites, well beyond just simple blogging. Developers provide, for free and for sale, themes and plugins that enhance the functionality of WordPress, so the sky becomes the limit.

Online store: eCommerce Is A Billion Dollar Industry!

There are Commerce themes and plugins allowing anyone to build out an online store with just a few downloads and about an hour of work. WooThemes for example offers free themes and plugins to enable any average Joe to build an eCommerce store in a very short amount of time.

The store can contain digital and/or physical products with a wide range of options for payments, shipping, etc. If you already have hosting in place (for sub-$100 per year in many cases), then for $10 (for the domain name), and an hour’s time, a complete store can be built using free tools. Look for the free WooCommerce plugin at WooThemes and you are well on your way. Take the time to go through the tutorials and play with the features, and start adding your products.

Niche blogs generate millions!

I wrote a series of posts on the topic of niche blogging, so I won’t get into too much here. Building a niche blog is a very easy way to start ranking for some long tail keywords that are of low competition. With a site like this you can sell your own products, perhaps including an integrated store like in the previous example. You can also include affiliate products where you would receive commissions for selling other people’s products.

If you have the time to build out a large authority site you can tackle a larger niche, but I recommend a very good category strategy, and the use of a good keyword tool (like MarketSamurai) to check for some shorter tail keywords, and get a better assessment of the competition. Be sure to create articles for each category as well, and be sure your theme shows category descriptions. With consistent effort you can build out several related sub-niche sites in unison under one umbrella, when aiming for a larger niche.

News site: Inspired By Google News 

Another great site strategy is to build out a news site using WordPress. Of course, you can combine all three of the options mentioned (store, blog, and news). Be sure to build a separate feed for the news section though that way that feed can be included into Google News.

Take a look at some of the Google News rules and be sure to follow them, as it is worth the time and effort with the potential of the near instant traffic that Google can provide. You can report on existing news, or create news based on findings in the social web, or news gathered locally. Always cite your sources. You will have a better chance of getting accepted into Google News if you have multiple news authors with distinct profiles. Also keep in mind that meta keywords are actually used for news. That way you can get more creative with titles and not worry about SEO for those, just add some meta keywords instead. The name for the meta tag is news_keywords.