If you heard the latest news, Instagram is now for more than just pictures, but video as well. We’ll look into this development, what it means and how to leverage it further at another time, but I think this begs a question to see if you’re already taking advantage of an excellent traffic source that has been video friendly for some time.

1 I’m talking about… Pinterest.

Pinterest is hot, it’s the third largest social network and it was responsible for more e-commerce sales than any other social media site in 2012! Even if you’re currently using Pinterest, there’s a good chance that you’re missing out on an opportunity. Plenty of users search and repin items, and even pin some of their own images.

Pinterest for Video

Marketers, businesses and site owners should be leveraging this more aggressively be controlling the conversation through creating the content that gets shared at this powerful network. Creating compelling Pinterest content has serious repercussions. Think about it, Pinterest users are buyers. Many are literally shopping as them navigate pin boards of things they’re interested in. You can’t say this about any of the other major social media sites.

2 Stand Up, Stand Out

So how can you stand out on Pinterest? Well, pinning video content is a great way to get started. While Pinterest supports video, it still isn’t as widely used as pictures, yet you may be aware of the power of a video marketing piece to really sell you, your product or service. And even if you’re not looking to directly sell via your video content at Pinterest, the whole know, like and trust process is expedited exponentially when using video, because of the familiarity that video breeds.

Now, you don’t have to shoot video of yourself in order for Pinterest to be valuable for you. Pinterest is a pretty high authority site when talking about SEO, so pins will help your content get found elsewhere. It’s a smart way to grown your message spread, both within Pinterest, as well as beyond.

3 One Step Closer to the Prize

Regardless of the format of your content, be sure that what you’re putting out there via social — and this goes for all content, all networks — has some sort of destination for your audience. By that, I mean that great content is wonderful and all, but the pin, share, tweet ,etc. needs to have another step for the viewer. If that’s back to your website or social profile, that’s fine but make sure your content is advancing your businesses cause every step of the way.