Many Internet Marketers have a difficult time getting their feet off the ground. They find that the first few bucks are the hardest to make online. When you’re first starting out in E-commerce, or Internet Marketing in general, there area so many things that you have to learn, and understand, in order to make everything work.

For example, Copywriting, Traffic, Website Design, CPA, Affiliate Marketing, Physical Products, Digital Products… it just seems impossible to know what to market, and how to market it. This article will go over all the different pieces of the puzzle, so you know what to market, and how to do it.

1 Copywriting: Grab Some Quality Books To Learn From The Pros

Copywriting is an absolutely mandatory skillset that any Online Marketer should have. Copywriting is about one thing: Conversions. If you’re going to make any money online, you’re going to need conversions, and, if you’re going to get yourself any conversions, you’re going to need some solid Copywriting skills.

Copywriting is basically just sales on paper, so, if you happen to be coming from a sales-oriented background, you should have a nice leg up on the competition. In any case, you have to learn Copywriting, and you have to be GOOD at it if you want to succeed as an Internet Marketer, because the only alternative is hiring a good Copywriter, and they absolutely cost a fortune, and, are generally booked several months in advance, so good luck getting your hands on one.

Web Copy That Sells Advertising


So, where can you go to learn Copywriting? Well, there are many different forms of Copywriting, including long form and short form sales pages, auto-responder e-mails, and of course, ad copy, such as banner ad and text ad copy. So, where do you go to learn everything? Well, the best place to start is with some of the greats, such as Gary Halbert, Dan Kennedy, or David Oglivy. I’ve found Web Copy That Sells by Maria Veloso to be helpful as well, along with Drew Eric Whitman’s CA$HVERTISIMG. But, no matter what you choose to read, if you want to master Internet Marketing, you need to invest a siginifcant amount of time learning Copywriting, no matter what.

2 Traffic Generation: Start With Adwords And Dabble With Small Media Buys

Now, even if you have the greatest, hardest hitting, high impact Copy in the world, that’s not going to matter, if no one sees your page, so, obviously, traffic generation is something else that you should be mastering. This is where a lot of Internet Marketers get stuck. They have no idea where to start when it comes to actually getting people to their site. The reason I think this occurs, is because all the other aspects of Internet Marketing can be done free, or very cheaply. Getting a domain name? Cheap. Hosting? Cheap. Choosing an offer to market? Free. You get the idea. But, good traffic costs money, except for SEO traffic of course, but the SEO game is very complex, constantly changing, highly unreliable, and, it can be a long and arduous process to boot. So, what’s an aspiring Online Marketer to do?

The key here is, to find just one traffic source that you really like, and to master it. For some people it might be SEO, for others, PPC, using one of the many different ad platforms; Facebook ads, Google AdWords, MSN adCenter, or it may be CPV, Media Buying, or one of the others. The key of course, is to get a basic understanding of each one, take the time to learn all the Pros and Cons, and then, just pick one to focus on. For example, I already went over the Pros and Cons of SEO briefly, but for PPC, the campaigns are easy to setup, and you can get traffic quickly, however, it can be much more expensive, and someone else has control over your campaign, can cancel your campaign, disallow your ads, or otherwise cause problems that you wouldn’t run into with a “freer” traffic source, such as, of course, Media Buying. There are many to choose from, and it’s important to remember that there are no right and wrong answers, it’s all just a matter of preference.

3 Choosing An Offer

Now, before you worry about getting conversions, or getting any traffic to your offer, the first thing you need to do of course, is choose an offer, that is, you need something that you’re going to be marketing. Obviously, without anything to market, there’s no way to even get started. So, you have many different options when it comes to choosing an offer. First, you have CPA offers, which are usually something like a lead, that companies will pay you to generate.

Then you have Physical products and Digital products. Both have different Pros and Cons as well, for example, Physical products usually sell better, but Digital products offer much higher commissions. Again, just like with traffic generation, there’s really no “right” or “wrong” way to do things, it’s all really just a matter of preference. You can even create your own digital products, and market those. Whatever works best for you.

So that’s it. There are some helpful tips to help people who are just starting out, and are in need of figuring out the “basics”. If you can find good offers, write up good pre-sell pages for them, AND get decently targeted traffic to those pre-sell pages, then congratulations, you’re an Internet Marketer.