In the content marketing game, it’s essential to keep the social content flowing, continuously, with value-soaked nuggets of wisdom, entertainment or something otherwise interesting. For many, this can become overwhelming. The good news is that you don’t have to create every piece of content.

1 OPC: Other People’s Content

Content that is relevant to your market is fair game to share. Be sure that the messaging is congruent with your brand and message. If an interesting article is in direct opposition to everything your brand stands for, that might even make for something worthwhile to share and you can even make your point on why you oppose it to introduce the piece. Nevertheless, finding good content sources is a matter of knowing your market and seeing where the value lies.
social sharing

Doing simple blog searches via Google or Technorati, or setting Google or Topsy alerts is a simple way of staying on top of the latest and greatest in your market. After monitoring for a period of time, you’ll start to become familiar with the top blogs in your market. It’s a good idea for purposes of staying at the forefront of your industry to monitor anyway, but leveraging this intelligence for purposes of content sharing is another great reason.

When sharing, adding a quick synopsis, your take are posing a question to solicit feedback is a great way to use the content. This way you can still drive the tone of the conversation even though you’re not the author of the content. If the content does trigger feedback via your social channels, pay attention to the direction the conversation goes. Not all conversation will lead down the path of your business, but getting reader interaction shows that they’re paying attention.

2 Invite Guest Bloggers

The great thing about developing a following is that others will be willing to do things for you, if you’ll let them have your audience for a moment. That’s the name of the game when it comes to guest blogging. By simply giving someone else in your market or a related market a platform with an audience, you’re delivering value to them. In return, they create content for you and perpetuate followers and viewership — at least if they deliver solid content.

3 Maintain Your Voice

Of course, the best content you can deliver will come from you, or with heavy direction from you. While other people’s content is excellent as a supplemental source, you’ll want to dictate the pace and direction of the conversation, as well as demonstrate your expertise, by being consistent with your very own social content.