A challenge that social media carries for all webmasters and website owners is that in order for social to be successful, you must stay active. Since maintaining a consistent level or activity requires some work, often times site owners will fall off in their activity and lose out on their following.

social media automation tools

An excellent way around this challenge, is to implement some basic automation tools to assist with your social media efforts. Social media automation tools include a variety of different offerings, but the ones that will take a look include an RSS feed reader, a free social media sharing tool, and an interesting tool that ties these pieces together.

Feed Reader for Power Consumption

Let’s start read with looking at a feed reader. An RSS feed reader is a great way to monitor your niche market for new developments, news and other worthwhile events and information. Feed readers can put all of that relevant information in one location, so you don’t have to navigate to many different websites to get all this information, but rather just scan the feeds for interesting headlines. Many feed readers integrate some type of social component, so social sharing is made easy. Since Google Reader was recently retired, Feedly is the best option available for this social automation process.

Social Sharing Made Easy

An excellent tool to add to your arsenal for social sharing and automating social sharing is called buffer. Buffer allows you to easily share content to multiple social networks. You can connect buffer to LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. The great thing about Buffer is that it will actually space out when the articles are sent, so that they won’t be shared all at the same time. Rather Buffer tracks when the best times of the day are to share content, and it will deliver the them out and share those items throughout the day. Buffer is a free tool that has a premium upgrade option, but the free version is a great way to get started.

Tie It Together with Social Automation

Adding in this third element will take your social automation and social sharing to the next level. Using IFTTT.com is an outstanding way to simplify your social sharing and keep your social media feeds super active. This tool actually works with feed readers, such as Feedly. as well as Buffer, so you can tie the first two components of this process together and simplify it by using IFTTT.com.

IFTTT’s name stands for “if this, then that.” It works on conditions so that if one action is met, the second action is triggered. This can be tied to a number of different web services and websites, including social media sites, Feedly and Buffer, and other tools that will simplify and pump up your social content sharing.