Facebook’s massive, undeniable user base and reach make it a prime location for spreading the word of your product, and a great way to grow anticipation during a product launch. Whether you already have a Facebook business page yet, or not, here are some powerful ideas for promoting your product via Facebook.

Add Facebook Comments

Using your Facebook page is a great way to engage your audience, but if you’re looking to build up that audience, you can start even earlier by incorporating Facebook comments at your blog. Facebook comments add a Facebook tie-in to the commenting activity and also gives you more information on the prospects that are paying attention to your content or product.

Facebook comments also create very influential social proof. Social proof is the concept related to persuasion and influence, in which human beings tend to like things that others like. It’s the concept behind, “everybody’s doing it!” By simply seeing others comment, it’s an indication that other people are interested and paying attention, regardless of the actual comment. If it’s a positive comment, that’s all the better.
Facebook Fan Gate

Building a Fan Gate

A Facebook fan gate is a page that encourages visitors to like your page. Two different versions are displayed, depending on whether the visitor is already likes your page or not. If not, a call to action will be displayed, letting visitors know of what’s on the other side of the fan gate. Use this to put an attractive giveaway offer up, so that more visitors like the page, redeem their reward and continue to pay attention.

Teasing for Attention

Once you start to build your following through commenting and fan gates, always encourage anticipation, by teasing what’s coming next. Product launches should induce a sense of anticipation, by nature, but updates and telling your following what they’ll get out of the next up, what’s being launched, or a piece of pre-launch content will not only stir up some curiosity, but also build that all-important anticipation.

Support from Other Pages

A powerful Facebook marketing tactic that is commonly misused or completely overlooked is liking and commenting at other Facebook pages related to your product, service or market. Since the fans of those pages should be heavy with your prospects, you have a vested interest in showing up there, offering value and gaining some visitors and likes that you would have missed otherwise. Keep in mind that while the pages your visiting may or may not be competitors, it’s always a good idea to keep comments positive.

Using Facebook for a product launch is smart for more than just the initial exposure that these steps can provide. A Facebook page can serve to display testimonials from customers, inform prospects and customers on specials and updates, as well as positioning for your next product or service.