The following is a compilation of the 30 most useful project management tools to keep track of your expenses, time, budget, invoices, colleagues, files and everything else you have to work with every day. We are taking a closer look at some of the known and some of the not so common tools that you can use to manage your business online and offline.

1) Basecamp: Reliable Project Manager To Keep Track Of Your Departments

Base Camp

Basecamp is one of the most reliable project management tools that help you keep your projects, data and team in one place. You can manage multiple projects with Base Camp. As the administrator you can exactly specify who will see which project and whether or not they can check out the file. Base Camp really makes project management with multiple users incredibly easy. On top of that, you can create groups that will help you to organize your teams / deparments i.e. ‘marketing’ ‘web development’.

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2) FreshBooks: Popular Online Accounting Tool


Fresh Books is an accounting management tool that is easy to use and intuitive. As one of the best accounting tools, Fresh Books simplifies how you run your business.

Creating invoices back in 2013 was frustrating and took more time than necessary. Mike MCDerment set out to solve the problem and founded one of the best account management tools. Since the start of FreshBooks more than 5 million people have created accounts on FreshBooks and used it for account management tasks such as sending, receiving, printing and paying of invoices.

In the cloud:
FreshBooks allows you to access your business accounts from everywhere in the world. With Fresh Books your data is secure and backed up in the cloud making it accessible from anywhere.

Fresh Books is ideal for small business and allows the owners to organize the way they work, this may include; tracking time, logging expenses and invoicing. This makes it very easy for clients to make payment.
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3) Outright: Small Biz Management Tool To Streamline Sales Processes


Outright is a management tool that is especially useful for small businesses, Outright proves to be a useful tool for managing your accounts and can simplify various processes: It’s getting really easy to keep track of sales, expenses and taxes of your small business.

Outright addresses a large audience and can be used by many small businesses, marketers, sales people and customer service professionals. If you want to streamline your
sales process and focus on growing your company, Outright is definitely worth a glance.

Kelvin and Ben (the founders) started a business after working for Intuit and they found it difficult to organize their financial data with PayPal and bank account spreadsheets. This is what led them to developing Outright software. To learn more about Outright:

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4) Free Agent: Top Finance Management Tool

Free Agent

Free agent is a finance management tool that was launched in 2007; it has changed the way many people manage their finances. The team that manages this service is based in the Scottish capital of Edinburgh. The tool offers the following unlimited features: Invoicing, expense tracking, Time Tracking, Data back-up, Account Reports, SSL Security and project estimates. To sign up for a free trial account

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5) Tick: Time And Budget Tracking Software With Basecamp Integration


To complete a project you need to set a budget, but it’s quite easy to spend more than what you set out to spend if you don’t keep track of your budget or time. This budgeting software is designed to provide you with
information when you most need it. Tick helps in tracking time in an easy way making time tracking an enjoyable experience.

The team behind this awesome software is Molehill a web applications development shop that has been in business for the last 20 years. The team is driven by passion for developing powerful, elegant, beautiful yet simple web based software. To learn more about Tick Visit Tick

6) Paymo: Robust Time Tracking And Billing Tool For Freelancers


Paymo is one of the most robust project management tools that are widely used by businesses and freelance web developers for tracking time and issuing invoices. Paymo is software that gets things done the easy way.

Features include time tracking, online invoicing, budget estimates, mobile tracking.

Small Business

  • Large project management
  • Monitoring a team’s efficiency and time
  • Promoting team collaboration and productivity


  • Creating Professional invoices and project estimates
  • Time tracking both for desktop and mobile
  • Creating professi0oanl project quotes
  • Cloud back up of all the business data for future reference and access from anywhere.

You can sign up for your Paymo account
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7) Evernote: Most Popular Tool To Manage Your Notes


Evernote is probably the most popular tools on this list, so it definitely deserves a spot. Evernote makes it incredibly easy to take notes, but you can do much more than that. With the help of a Chrome extension you can keep track of important text or code snippets

Just as the goal of the team at Evernote is to help the world to remember everything, communicate and get
things done easily so are the features of this software. Evernote is about keeping memory of the experiences
and creating an efficient working environment. Evernote is simply a collection of applications that will help
you to organize your work and increase your productivity. Evernote works with all computers and mobile devices
you can capture and store all the working ideas, what you see and what you hear. It is simply an awesome working companion.

About the Team

Evernote is run by an independent team that us a private company that has headquarters in the city of Redwood
California. There are a number of investors in this company that in include: Meritech Capital, CBC Capital,
Sequoia Capital, Morgenthaler Ventures, and DOCOMO Capital.

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8) Dropbox: Simplify File Sharing

Drop Box

Dropbox is a wonderful cloud storage service that is compatible with all computers, phones and tablets. It allows users to access their data from everywhere and allows them to share the data store in their accounts easily. The features of Drop Box include:

  • Easy Access You can access your data from anywhere since it is stored in the clouds
  • Easy Sharing You can share your photos, videos and files with ease.
  • Secure Data Storage Drop Box utilizes the cloud storage technology that safeguards data from access through the AES-256 bit encryption and two-step verification. You can sign up for a free account and get free space to store your files:

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9) BidSketch: Professional Business Proposals (Great For Freelancers And Service Operators)

 Bid Sketch

If you are a freelancer or run your own service business, you should definitely take a look at BidSketch – which allows you to send out really professional business proposals with high conversation rates. You are probably getting tons of proposals all the time and it’s quite easy to spot the bad proposals that are not even worth replying to. If you want to boost your reply and conversion rates, BidSketch is definitely one of the best tools on the market.

If you want to create proposals within minutes you have to try Bid Sketch since you can also import your custom HTML or CSS templates and uses them in the process of creating
project bids or proposals

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10) Doc Stoc: Premium Online Resource For Your Business Documents

 Doc Stoc

If you’re just starting out, you will need all sorts of documents for your daily work, including templates for business letters/proposals. It’s also a good idea to have a business plan to keep track of your progress.

Docstoc is a premium online resource that helps millions of entrepreneurs who are starting businesses with the necessary documents. While starting a business you may be faced by the daunting tasks of organizing your
business and writing all the business documents such as business plans, business letters and proposals. Docstoc make it easy for you with over 20 million professional documents hosted on a platform that makes embedding and sharing of these documents very easy. Docstoc provides all kinds of business documents that you would need to start and run a business efficiently.

About Docstoc Team

Docstoc Company was started by Jason Nazar and Alon Shwartz in 2007 and the company is located in Santa Monica, CA.

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11) Join Me: Business Screen Sharing And Meeting Tool

Similar to Teamviewer, this tool is great to share your screen, but Join Me is also a powerful software for business meetings and chats to conduct meetings from different locations.

Join Me

This app can be used by anyone and is useful for training, demonstrations and making presentations. This app is an intuitive and comes with the following features in the free version:

  • Meeting can be of up to 10 participants
  • Screen Sharing
  • Internet calling
  • Share control
  • Multi monitor
  • Chats
  • Sending Files

The Pro version has the following features:

  • Meeting of up to 250 people
  • Annotation
  • Unified audio & int’l conference lines
  • Presenter swap
  • Pro desktop app
  • Personal link & background
  • Meeting scheduler
  • Meeting lock
  • User management & reporting
  • Window sharing

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12) Pulse: Cash Flow Management


The most important business metrics are definitely equity and cash flow. Your business strives when your cash flow is high and you have sufficient funds to hire more people and expand your business.

Pulse is software that offers users an easy cash flow online management. With this software you can quickly manage both income and expenses. You can therefore make better business and personal financial decisions. You are simply empowered to run your day to day business efficiently whether you want to use it for freelancing, business and personal needs this software is ideal for Freelance designers, web development companies, consulting agencies, hair salons, photographers, and entrepreneurs

Pulse is software that was created in 2007 by Clear Function Company that is a web design and development company. Pulse has now grown to be a reliable small business finance management tool.

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13) Google Drive: Now With ITFFF Integration A Powerful Tool To Automate Spreadsheet Creation

IFTTT is a great way to automate a lot of business processes like filing invoices in a spreadsheet. Google Drive is one of the IFTTT channels and makes it one of the most powerful cloud storage tools out there.

 Google Drive

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14) LessAccounting: Simple Accounting Software For Small Businesses

Less Accounting

LessAccounting is software that allows you to get away from the tyranny of Quickbooks. It is even easy to import Quickbooks files and allows you to invite your account as a member. The team behind this accounting tool offers awesome support and is made up of experienced bookkeepers that are ready to help you in any way possible. It is also possible to connect to your bank since the software connects thousands of banks and offers the users the ability to download daily business transactions. Less Accounting is simply an account management tool that every business owner who wants to have an easy way to track their business accounts should consider trying out. You can learn more about this software from the official website.

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15) Mint: Categorize Expenses


Mint makes it incredibly easy for you to understand your finances. It helps you make better decisions especially after you have spent money and used this software to evaluate your spending behavior. Creating an account is easy: Sign up, connect your accounts and synchronize your password. This application does not transfer money but only reads the information and uses it to organize and categorize your expenditure vis-à-vis your income. Mint then offers you the options on what you want to do with your money and helps you create a clear plan to reach your financial goals. There are alerts and reminders that will help you guide you to keeping track of your expenditure and income.

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16) Instacalc: Simple Calculator Application


Instacalc is a simple calculator application that helps you in computation of simple calculations online. It is a free application that everyone can use. It is user friendly and very straightforward calculator that you can use for the basic calculations and computations such as addition, subtraction, division, multiplication among other functions. You can use this instant calculator today by visiting their website.

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17) Campfire: Business Group Chat – Team Collaboration With Real Time Chat

Camp Fire

Campfire has been used by over 100,000 people to send over 6 million chat messages since its inception. The web based business group chat tool allows you to send chats to clients, colleagues and personal chat messages to friends. The beauty of this chat application, you don’t have to install anything to begin chatting. You just use your web browser. It is easy to use even on iphone and android since it has great features that integrate seamlessly with mobile phones and desktop too.

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18) Creative Commons: Encourage Sharing, Get Additional Exposure

Creative Commons

Creative Commons is a licensing model you can use to protect your creative work, but encourage sharing (and if you like alteration) of your work.

Software developers should consider releasing more free programs to get additional exposure online

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19) Remember the Milk: Very Popular Reminder App

Remember the Milk

Remember the Milk is one of those apps that help you organize your work on daily basis and helps you create useful remainders of the things to do. You don’t have to keep writing to do lists if you have this application. You can use this app instead of writing sticky , notes and to do lists.

This app was originally created in 2004 by Emily Boyd and Omar Kilani inspired by Gmail that was launched about the same time. A year later the application was officially released with vast features. Today this application is used by millions of people for day to day schedule management.

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20) Google Analytics: Industry Standard To Learn More About Site Visitors

Hailed as the best site analytics tools on the market, GA (short for Google Analytics) is the industry standard when it comes to finding out more about your visitors. Quickly analyze your site demographics, where people go on your site and for how long they stay.

Google Analytics

Web Content Analysis This is a report of the way that visitors in your website are interacting with your content and how the traffic comes to your website. It can either be through referral or through organic searches.

Social Analytics This measures the extent to which you have grown in your social media following. This also measures the extent to which your content is shared by people.

Mobile Analytics This helps you to measure the impact of mobile searches on your business. This is an important consideration since more and more people are now using Smartphones to surf internet. Other analytics include conversion analytics and advertising analytics.

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21) Harvest: Another Time-Tracking Software To Make Better Business Decisions


Harvest is simple and fast time tracking software that helps you work more efficiently. Harvest software is an invention of by Danny Wen and Shawn Liu who founded it in 2006. They initially started in a small office in downtown New York City that ran as Iridesco a web design studio. Harvest now serves the time tracking and billing needs of thousands of customers around the world, from freelancers to small businesses to departments within Fortune 500 companies. Harvest is headquartered in New York City, in a huge loft office in Flatiron and is an independent and profitable business , with customers as the only investors.

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22) Toggl: Intuitive Time Tracking With Full Mobile Support


Toggl is one of the most intuitive time tracking tools. You simply type what you are working on and click a button. You can also add trackers manually and you do not lose time when you forget
to click. This also helps you tag every time entry you make to specific objective or work you are intending to do within a certain time period. You are also able to track your time both online and offline. This application will synchromise both your offline and online time tracking and updates the offline time when you are online.

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23) Work Etc: Online CRM, Billing, Help Desk

Work[etc] is a full fledged management system in the cloud. You can use it to manage your clients, invoices and even your help desk all in one single application.

Work Etc

With Work etc you can tear down the barriers that come between sales, support and project management. You can use this software for virtually all the business activities that you use to run your day to day business. The following are the features of this work management tool.

  • Manage a huge project with several team members
  • Consolidate multiple apps into the one platform
  • CRM, Projects, Invoicing, Billing and Help Desk & more
  • Has iPhone, Android and Web Apps
  • Inbox, Outlook & Gmail Add–ins
  • Open API and integration tool set.

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24) Project Bubble: Online Project Managment

Project Bubble

Project Bubble is the easiest way to get organized in a few minutes – the drag and drop feature of this software makes it very easy for you to plan, organize and execute your daily tasks in the order of priority. The following are some of the things that you can do with Project Bubble

  • You can organize your tasks in a few minutes using drag and drop
  • You can track time and stay on budget
  • You will easily manage deadlines
  • You will share your files with your team easily
  • Your data and information is safe and secure

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25) Team Work Project Manager

Team Work Project Manager

Delivering a project on time crucial for freelancers. Getting things done and on time is difficult to master at first. With Team Work PM you can get some help:

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26) Ronin: Send Out Expense Estimates


Ronin is a small yet powerful application that allows you to send expense estimates to your clients and get their approval.

Ronin is especially good for large teams and agencies that frequently work with new clients on a vast number of projects. Ronin also integrates well with as a payment option and has a built-in mechanism to generate invoices in multiple currencies.

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27) CurdBee: Send Invoices, Track Time And Expenses, Accept Online Payments


CurdBee is a web application that makes billing easy and super fast. You can use it to send estimates and invoices, track time and expenses, and accept online payments. When using this software you can significantly reduce your use of paper for your invoices, time tracking sheets, project management and offline billing.

The software allows you to send unlimited invoices online to different clients and estimates as well. You stay in control of things by tracking your tasks, projects and time in hours through a mile a minute billing and time tracking technique. You are able to determine the hours you have worked and amount of money you have earn with CurdBee.

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28) Freckle: Online Time Tracking With A Twist, Long-Lasting Sign-Ins, Easy Import Of Freshbooks


Freckle is time tracking software that is not just about tracking time. Some of the features include: Long-lasting sign-ins, 0-click time recording, performance-tuned pages, beautiful design, super-fast on tablets, easy to invite freelancers and contractors to log time, no installation necessary, easily import your Basecamp, Freshbooks, Harvest, Tempo and Toggl time tracking data, JSON & XML API and optional invoice payment via PayPal. These are only some of the great features that make Freckle stand out as a great work and time management tool.

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29) Mite: Sleek Online Time Tracking For Designers, Architects And Attorneys


Time tracking has never been easy especially when you are dealing with huge projects. Mite is a sleek online time tracking tool that is built for designers, architects and attorneys. It is an ideal tool for both individual professionals as well as teams working on big projects. Mite is simple and offers an easy way to track your time and allows you to manually add offline work-time. To use Mite you can subscribe to the monthly plan – no hidden costs.

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30) Grasshopper: Call Forwarding To Your Mobile Phone


Features such as toll free or local number, unlimited phone extensions, call forwarding from anywhere, voicemails through emails and online management via phone make Grasshopper an ideal service for entrepreneurs who are travelling a lot.

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