As you’re probably aware, article marketing is dead. This isn’t a new occurrence, really. It’s been pretty much dead since Google Panda came out, and had drastically lost a lot of its effectiveness, even before that. How did Google do it? Well, at the bottom of each and every article, people would put a link to the website that they wanted optimized, so, all Google had to do, was drastically reduce the effectiveness of this link. Now, article marketing is dead, but, that doesn’t mean you can’t get quality traffic if you have something good to write about, and an audience that wants to hear it. The death of article marketing, has given rise to guest blogging, which is a far more effective strategy.

Benefit #1: Offering Genuine Value

This is huge. Ultimately, guest blogging, is here to stay. Why? Because, unlike article marketing, it offers REAL value to people. Sure, you can get a little bit of value out of article marketing, but most of the articles that were uploaded were just keyword-stuffed junk that was solely used to help people’s SEO ranking. The difference here, is that in order for guest blogging to work, you HAVE to be offering quality content. If you’re not, people won’t even bother putting your guest blog up on their blog after you send it to them, so make sure it’s quality.

Because you’re offering real value, you’re ultimately doing what it is that Google wants you to do… you’re working WITH Google and not against it, and they will reward you for it. The whole point of all the Google updates is to get higher quality content up on their search engine, and so, if you can do that, then you’re golden, and you’ll see your site consistently ranking high up on the SERP’s. While links at the bottom of ezine articles no longer work, links at the bottom of blog posts (especially on authoritative blogs) still work quite well, and most likely, they always will.

Benefit #2: Playing The Social Game

At the bottom of just about every single blog post, is of course, social signals… You have Facebook Likes, Tweets, Google +1’s, Diggs, you name it. This is great for you, because if you’re offering content within your guest blog posts that are of genuine value, then most likely, people will take notice, and spread the word about your blog post to people within their different social networks. This is great, because it will drive traffic to the blog, which helps the blogger, and, of course, drive traffic to your guest blog post, which should have a link to your site on the bottom, helping you. You’ll benefit from this, because you’ll not only get more exposure from these networks, but, you’ll also get your links posted on the social networks as well.

Google has been putting more and more of a weight on social network links in the world of SEO. Social backlinks were essentially meaningless not too long ago, and now, they’re worth their weight in gold, especially if they’re legitimate, and built naturally, as opposed to being bought from this vendor or that. Nowadays, if you’re creating a lot of buzz on the social networks, Google takes notice, and is quick to reward you for it with excellent SEO rankings. This is something which you almost NEVER got by doing article marketing.

Benefit #3: Authority

Another huge benefit, is authority. You didn’t get much authority just posting some random article on an article uploading site, because they’d just about let anyone do it. However, when you’re doing a guest blog post, whatever authority that that person had, is now transferred to you. People read the blogs of people that they trust, and so, if they’re reading someone’s blog, chances are they like and respect that person as well, and, if that person allows you to write a guest blog post for them, then they will assume that you deserve a certain level of trust and respect as well. This means that they’re more likely to buy what you have to offer, sign up for your list, or, do whatever it is that you’d like them to do.

Benefit #4: It’s Easy.

Contrary to popular belief, guest blogging is actually not nearly as hard as people might say it is. There’s just a really simple process that you have to follow in order to start getting some guest blog posts up and running. First, you have to find blogs that are related in some way, to your niche, and ideally, that are also related to whatever it is that you plan on writing about. For example, if you’re in the dating niche, don’t bother looking for blogs that are about dog training, because they won’t help. The next step, is to simply contact these blog owners, make your proposition, let them know you have something of value to offer their website visitors etc. Bloggers will usually agree, because they’re always looking for good content to give their blog readers, and, of course, you doing a guest blog post saves them the trouble of having to do the blog post themselves.

You can find the contact information of these bloggers using a “whois” type site, such as, OR, you can oftentimes just find the contact information through blogs themselves… Most bloggers will readily give away their e-mail address, or allow their readers to contact them via a contact form on the site. One way or another, it’s not too hard to get in touch with these people. Just reach out, set terms, write them a quality blog post, put your link at the bottom, and that’s it. You now have a quality backlink, plenty of readers, and you’re seen as an authority on your given subject, which can open you up to many amazing opportunities as well. Good luck!