I admit that I keep buying more books than I really need, but even if you do not read the entire book, sometimes it can be useful just follow some of the most important advice and it will pay off by itself.

books for webmasters

Here’s an example, let’s say you buy a book on security and this book in particular helps you to fix a major flaw in your website and possibly prevent a downtime of several days, what would that be worth to you? Every good webmaster I know has a bunch of books to look up important things or simply to learn a new skill or two. If you want your website to really take off, you have to constantly strive to be better than the competition at nearly everything – that involves managing a site, but also improving the structure of a site and following industry’s best practices.

Book 1: Keep Buying Books About PHP Security Like “Essential PHP Security”


Many times I see that webmasters make a lot of mistakes when programming PHP code and not using essential functions like htmlentities() – however, you also need to make sure to use the right encoding at all times as explained in this great post on XSS vulnerabilities

Google will label your site as dangerous if the bot finds any malware on it. If you run a WordPress blog, head over to https://triagis.com if you want to be pro-active

Book 2: Prepare For The Semantic Web With “HTML Mastery: Semantics, Standards, and Styling”

The web is slowly becoming more and more semantic. Google keeps pushing microdata, rich snippets and and other markup that will eventually lead to a 100% semantic site structure. If you do not keep up with the changes, Panda 3.0 will eat you alive! Well, I admit it will take years, but you better prepare now to be ready when it’s here. There will be a lot of changes coming throughout the next years and knowing how to write proper markup for your sites will be more important than ever. It’s not rocket science, so a decent book can get you started right away.


It’s a great book if you want your site stand out in the SERPs

Book 3: SEO 2013. Learn SEO in 2013 the effective way. Search engine optimization strategies for smart people


This book is a great start for Webmasters who want to update their SEO strategy in 2013 and prepare for the next few years. If you want to build great sites, this will teach you the basics of on-page SEO and what Google’s spam filter look for. If you want to avoid losing your top rankings this is a great investment and cheap on your wallet

Book 4: Good Site Design For Beginners And New Webmasters Who Want To Create More Beautiful Sites

If you don’t like the dull and boring HTML books and appreciate a book with visually appealing content, then take a look at this book, it’s well worth an investment if you are new to designing sites using CSS


Not afraid to re-design your site? Give this book a try!