Developing a resonating voice on social media is an important step in growing your following. In order to become more influential and have a positive result on your business, it’s essential. The first step in developing your voice is to determine what personality type fits you or your brand best, so that you can create authentic content.

Below are listed the four social media personality types that fit most successful businesses and brands online. Remember not to try and force something, rather see which type best resembles you and your brand, as to give you some guidelines for creating powerful messaging.


Type 1: Thought Leader


The thought leader is someone who is at the leading edge and publishes ideas for others to consider, use and think about. Thought leaders are opinionated and typically have well thought out ideas. Not everyone fits the thought leader mold, but it is a very powerful personality type, since it is a position of authority that will gain followers, if the message is strong and genuine.

A challenge that comes with being a thought leader is that you can be polarizing. Since you take definitive stands and publish opinions, there will always be the other side of the coin, so be prepared for the naysayers, but know that in the end, people remember those who have conviction.

Type 2: Trusted Advisor

Like the thought leader, the trusted advisor is somewhat of an authority figure, but the authority is gained due to knowledge and experience in the field, rather than opinion and original thought, like the thought leader. The trusted advisor is one who has expertise and and give advice and recommendations to others. This personality type tends to be more objective than the thought leader, but will still be held in high regard and is a strong personality for brands.


The primary challenge with being the trusted advisor is that the expertise has to be legitimate, and staying on top of any industry or topic takes time and effort.

Type 3: Socializer

The socializer personality type is one who likes to connect, engage and have conversation with others via the social channels. The socializer is one who can listen and tends to be likeable — they love to connect and meet new people.

The socializer is not necessarily an authority figure by default, but being likeable is a powerful influence factor and a lot of connections can make a socializer seen as important. Social media is ultimately about relationships, so socializers are at a big advantage in this regard, since building relationships is what they do so well.

A challenge for socializers is time. To interact with a lot of people on an ongoing basis is time-consuming, but can pay off.


Type 4: Researcher

The last in the four personality types is the researcher. Like it sounds, this social personality type is characterized by processing and studying a great amount of information on a given topic. The researcher is great with facts and figures and stays on top of the latest trends.

A challenge of the researcher is that it is the least inherently social of the four types. In order to be effective, the researcher needs to blend a bit of traits from the other three types to be seen as authoritative or to gain a following.