Do you rely on one single marketing tactic to keep your online business afloat? Or do you have a dynamic marketing plan that is constantly growing, getting more complicated, and evolving with the times? It doesn’t take a genius to realize the latter of the two is the marketing approach of online entrepreneurs who consider themselves real businessmen.

And as they say, if you’re not growing, you’re dying.

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So if you feel like your marketing approach is getting a bit too boxed in, it may be time to come up with a plan of attack that will not only keep your business alive into the future but bring growth as well. Here are the four components of an online marketing mix that is constantly improving with time.

1. Scheduled Marketing Activities

Marketing must be a key focus of your business; it’s not something you can work on when you feel up to it or have time. Even if you only market your website for a few hours a week, those efforts will start to snowball over time. When you keep putting it off, on the other hand, whatever traffic you have coming in now runs the risk of eventually dying off.

So schedule a chunk of time each week or each day that you will put aside for marketing activities. If you don’t know what you should be doing yet, use that time to find out or to do whatever you can come up with and step back to see the results. The best learning often comes from doing.

2. Designate Your High-Value Activities

If you’re having any type of online success at all, you’ve likely defined a few marketing activities that bring you the most value for your effort. You do want to consider other marketing channels, but your plan of attack should also be focused. So how can you drill down these particular marketing efforts to make them as effective as possible?

For instance, if you’re having great success with a certain ad campaign, can that campaign be dialed in for more success? Have you split-tested? Can you find other similar places on the web to advertise and exponentially increase that success?

If you’re getting quite a bit of traffic from forum marketing, can you increase your presence on that forum without being annoying? Can you tweak your sig to further optimize your contributions? How about finding other forums online similar to the one that’s bringing such great success?

It makes little sense to keep building links to your site when you’ve never seen any profits from SEO, for example, especially if doing so proves time-consuming. Spend your scheduled marketing hours on improving what works and then when you’ve gotten everything you can out of those marketing channels, then look to diversify.

3. Streamline Your Efforts

Once you have a strategy that works, how can you make it as hands-off as possible without sacrificing user experience? If it can be broken down into a step-by-step process, than chances are it can either be outsourced or automated – at least to an extent.

Start looking at your strategies with this step-by-step philosophy in mind. If you can teach it to someone or have it taken care of without your hand, you can either increase that effort without more effort on your own part or start spending time on new ideas.

4. Put Aside Study Time

The internet is a fast-changing marketplace, and in order to keep up you always need to be learning. Not aimless learning like wandering around the internet looking for some magic bullet to success, but by reading authority articles on trends or changes in the marketplace. Your study-time can also be used to learn new marketing skills.

Set a couple two-hour blocks aside each week to accumulate knowledge or skill and this great habit will eventually start showing results in your business.

Put it all together and you will start to see an overall marketing mix emerge that can stand the test of time.