Developing great content for social media and getting your audience to engage and interact with you is not rocket science, but there are simple yet effective tactics that could be employed to get better results. Some people are at a natural advantage simply due to the way they communicate, their personality or their expressive style. Even though that may not apply to your voice for social media, there are things that can be learned from those who are highly effective with their social efforts.

Below are four tactics that will help you get the most out of your time spent engaging with your audience on social media.

One – People Like Positive Energy

Though sometimes it’s highlighted how people on public networks such as Twitter tend to engage in negative ways with well-known figures and celebrities, it is easy to get the best out of people as well. Set the tone for your followers by keeping it positive. People like people who are having a good time, who are inspirational, who make them feel good and are interesting. For the sake of your brand, you’ll want to keep it positive, lively and interesting. If you lead with that attitude, you’re much more likely to see not only more people engaging, but you will attract similar personalities.

Two — Brief Yet Interesting

Remember that social is a great opportunity to refine your copywriting chops. Since you have to keep it brief yet interesting, think of social as a practice ground for things like e-mail subject lines. The goal of both a tweet and an e-mail subject line is to get your viewer to the next point. Whether that’s clicking on the link at the end of your tweet or reading the body of the e-mail, if that first line doesn’t attract interest and curiosity, your viewers will never got to see the full message.

So keep your status updates and tweets lively and keep them guessing with your message. Monitor which messages are most effective, getting the most clicks, re-tweets, likes and/or comments and use that feedback to improve your social copywriting.

Three — Be Everywhere

Familiarity breeds trust, and repetition creates familiarity. Gain trust with your audience by being everywhere. By this, I mean post on all the major networks. Then, encourage your followers to go and visit and follow you at your different social pages. Keep certain pieces of content exclusive to particular platforms, as to give incentives to your followers to go like your Facebook Page, for instance.

If there’s something unique that is only available at your Facebook Page, someone that’s following you on Twitter may very well go and like your Facebook Page. Additionally, you can share the same message out to the different networks, but you may want to stagger the times so that the same followers don’t see the same message at the same time in different places. The other option is to slightly modify the message for each different platforms. And, to keep you sane while posting all the different social networks, read the next section.

Four — Use Tools for Efficiency

There are many great and useful tools to help you manage your time spent in social media more effective. Don’t drive yourself nuts, use those tools to your benefit. Some excellent tools that worthy of mention are HootSuite, for managing multiple different social profiles, Buffer for sharing content spread out throughout the day multiple networks, and an RSS feed reader such as Feedly.

Have fun on social but maintain your focus use your time wisely. Always be tracking your stats to ensure that your efforts are improving, and leverage your time it’s easy to get caught up on social sites.