When it comes to climbing page ranks, driving traffic and establishing your site’s status as an authority site then links are what you need. Every time you or someone links back to your site from another quality page, it’s like getting a vote for a popularity contest; the more votes you get , the more popular your site will be to search engines and to the online community. But before you start dispersing links to any and all sites that will accept them, here are a few things you should know about them.

Link Tips

1 The Importance of Links

Surprisingly there are quite a few people out there who do not use links whatsoever. These are individuals with services, products, and valuable information that can be very beneficial for people searching them out. And without the presence of links on other sites aside from your own, you’re site’s visibility often doesn’t reach its full potential. Links send valuable traffic to your main pages and offers, and they also tell search engines that you’re a credible and well respected resource that’s worthy to be on the first page. They’re also an important marketing tool many web owners use to help promote their site.

2 Links Are Not Made Equally

Links are misunderstood in the concept that more is always better, but in reality not all links hold the same voting power in regards to achieving a first page rank. Sometimes a site that might just have 4 or 5 links has a better chance of having a higher page rank than one that might have several hundred links. It’s all about the quality of the link that matters so be sure to have back links on legitimate sites; authority sites if possible because any links present on their site really gets search engines’ attention.

3 Securing the Right Kind of Links

How do you secure the right kind of links? Well the answer to this question is quite simple; create something that’s worth linking to. Now this may sound like an easy application, but in reality it takes a whole lot of strategic planning, creativity and diligence. Something not many people are willing to put the time and effort into, thus resorting to short cuts like low quality link SPAM and ineffective link building companies.

4 Avoid Link SPAM

Posting links on a site that’s a potential breeding ground for link SPAM does very little to increase your site’s credibility and page rank. In fact, it may actually have a negative impact on the long run, so avoiding these kinds of sites all together would probably be best. Link SPAM could appear on article directories, link farms, blog comments, forums and the like. Links on low quality sites will eventually stop working due to search engine filters that bypass and penalize spammy sites.

5 Qualities of a Good Link Target

When looking for a good link target, you want to choose sites that have readers who may be interested in the information or services that’s available on your site. Link to a platform that features content that’s relative to that found on your site. This will greatly increase the chances of new traffic and backlinks.

Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be able to build backlinks with value. These links are not only effective in getting you traffic and a higher page rank, but they also have longevity in which you can continue to experience the positive outcomes of establishing those quality links week after week, month after month and even year after year.