When you’re trying to build an online presence, there’s nothing more valuable than having good old fashioned shareable content. It’s more important now than ever that when people see your content, they not only like it (so to speak), but they like it so much that they have to shout from the rooftops, “Look at this!” which for you, means better branding and more graphically based content.

So, what’s a beginner to do when you don’t have any graphic experience, but you need graphics for your posts? Well, there are a lot of options. In this article, we’re going to go over how you can make your own graphic stand out and what to keep in mind to do that.

viral graphic example

1. Check out the competition

Now, this is not some subliminal message to go copy what they’re doing. What is important to do, is check out your competition and see what techniques are working for them. Where are they sharing, what is their audience reacting to?

Finding out what is working for your competitors is the first step to finding what will work for you – even in the case of graphics.

2. Be realistic about your abilities

It’s really hard to be objective about our own work. We often want to believe that everything we create is awesome and that we never stink at anything. However, make sure you’ve got a team of friends behind you who aren’t afraid to tell you when something looks awful and be open to the actual criticism. Don’t take it personally – that honesty is what’s going to help you improve.

3. Be relevant with your graphics

Make sure your graphics match the content you’re putting them with. For example, putting a picture of a cat on a post all about how birds are fantastic is not a good idea. Be relevant and if there’s a stretch, connect the dots for your audience.

That relevance should carry over to your target audience. In another example, let’s assume your target audience is men between the ages of 45 – 65, naturally doing a graphic that exemplifies a high school scenario wouldn’t work.

4. On that note, aAlways think about your audience

When you’re designing something for your site, it’s important that you’re always putting your audience in the forefront. I’ve seen some site owners unfortunately put their own likes and opinions first, and the problem is that those opinions are only truly beneficial to themselves. Think about what your audience wants to see, and work with that.

5. If you can’t pull it off, don’t fret

The bottom line is, if you’re not able to come up with captivating and engaging graphic content, don’t sweat it! There’s entire marketplaces made up of people who will create graphics for you (check Fiverr!) at low low rates and in the end, it’s really worth it to get your message out there.

Remember, sharable content is like “word of mouth” in the in-person world. For every person who views your content, you have the opportunity to affect 10 more just with having shareable (or viral) content.