Social Bookmarking was Internet marketing magic about five to seven years ago, as the simple task of bookmarking your site would often lead to a legitimate page one ranking in Google for longtail keywords, sometimes in a matter of days or hours. Those that were in the know crossed their fingers hoping that it would last, and it did for years. SEO, as you may well know, has drastically changed in the last year and a half, along with this many of the shortcuts that produce results have vanished. ?

Social bookmarking was pretty popular for both users and SEOs. And while it may not be the magical tactic it once was, it still can be effective and provide your site with a boost in both traffic and rankings. Lets examine different ways that you can leverage social bookmarking for your website.

1: Get Your SIte Indexed Quickly

This has long been a benefit of social bookmarking sites — Google and the other search engines tend to find your content a whole lot faster when bookmarked at popular sites like Delicious and StumbleUpon. Today, you can get the same, if not better result from Google+, but bookmarking sites still do the trick to diversify your social spread.

2: Generate Referral Traffic

The true reason users go to this site is to discover content that they might have missed, but others with a good eye and similar taste would have found. The users on social bookmarking sites generate referral traffic. If your content is good and gets spread on the bookmarking sites, the traffic goes up. While they’re not as populated as they were a few years ago, their users tend to be avid and will spread and share if it’s good.

3: Build Your Online Brand


For every social bookmarking account you create, another profile is filled out and you take up that much more real estate when someone searches for you. If you’re sharing regularly, social bookmark profiles can serve as a nice portfolio of your work and your like, as you should also be bookmarking some other content, as well.

4: Residual SEO Benefits


While SEO was a major reason marketers were using bookmarking sites a few years back, they still provide search value, it’s just not as easy anymore. Bookmarking sites may or may not generate a recognized back link for you site, but regardless of if they do or not, they do typically allow you to write a brief description and some tags. This content does get picked up and will show up search.

5: Your Competition


If your competition is already leveraging the bookmarking sites, then now you’re catching up. If they’re not, you have an advantage. Either way there are audiences out there and benefits that go deeper for using social bookmarking sites to promote and get the best results possible for your site.