Almost everyone knows that the longevity and success of any website lies primarily on traffic. Think about it, if there’s no traffic coming into your site then that means whatever product, service or offer you’re providing it isn’t getting seen by anyone. Especially for individuals who’ve set up websites solely for money-making purposes; traffic is and will always be your life source. When it comes to generating traffic to new sites and increasing traffic on existing ones, there are plenty of effective strategies you could apply to either scenario.

Because no matter how old or new the site is, the continual flow of visitors will help to establish a stronger and more reputable presence online which is a really good thing to have. Follow these 5 simple strategies and you’re sure to generate and increase traffic in a matter of hours, or even seconds.

1 Search Engine Optimize Your Site: Use Relevant Keywords

A very high percentage of first time visitors come across new web sites via search engines. Optimizing your site’s search-ability will help it to rank high on search engine’s page ranking. That’s why your main goal is to get your site onto the front page. The majority of internet browsers never surpass the first page of results on a search engine which is why you shouldn’t settle for anything less than a first page ranking. You can apply SEO strategies such as using h-tags, proper keyword density, interlinking and back linking, and many more. keywords

2 Use Popular Keyword Phrases But Don’t Overdo It, Relevance Is Important

To get on search engines’ radar you need to be using the right keywords and keyword phrases. Keywords indicate what people are constantly searching for online and when your site appeals to their needs, then that’s when search engines will take notice of your website. Google Adwords is a great tool for searching popular keywords and keyword phrases.

3 Provide Valuable and Engaging Content: Content Is Always King

This is your chance to capture your audience with information and content that’s interesting, informative, and up to date. By providing valuable and engaging content you will establish a decent and reputable status amongst your visitors. They in turn will not only visit your site again, but they may also be compelled to share your information to family and friends thus gaining more traffic.

4 Utilize Social Media Platforms: Social Signals Are Important Ranking Factors Today

The internet provides its users with tons of opportunities for exposure, and free exposure at that. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and so many more let you advertise and promote your website to an audience of millions. Can you imagine just a single post, status update, pin or tweet about your site will reach millions of people all over the world? Here are just a few of the popular social media platforms you can generate traffic from.


5 Join Forums and Online Communities

If you want to instantly increase your traffic then join forums and online communities that are relevant to your site’s niche or market. Become active on the forums by sharing your knowledge and expertise on discussions, answering questions and starting threads. By doing so you’ll build relationships and establish a good reputation. People will become interested in you as well as what you have to offer.