If you maintain a Facebook Page, chances are you’re probably always looking for ways to grow your audience, as well as was to get more engagement from that audience. The better the experience is at the page, the more likely your users are to interact. With interaction, Edgerank goes up, and more people will see your messages. Facebook engagement has a lot to do with momentum.

To help you gain some momentum, here are five simple, little tricks that will improve the user experience and make your following more active, ultimately boosting the value of your page.

Link Directly to Status Updates

direct link to Facebook update

If you’ve ever wanted to feature something that you posted on your Facebook Page elsewhere, you can actually link directly to a status update, rather than just your full Timeline. The good news is that this can be done easily.

Looking at a status update, you’ll see that the time stamp for that post is shown in the bottom right-hand corner. If you put your cursor over it, you’ll see that it’s a hyperlink — which is a direct link to that status. Use that hyperlink to send visitors from other sites and networks directly to a particular update.

Scheduling Posts

Facebook pin or feature post

Ever have a stunning wide shot photo that the Facebook Timeline design just didn’t do justice to when it was posted? Using the highlight feature, you can use the full width of Timeline to display a single highlighted post. This can be done with a couple of clicks in the upper right-hand corner of the post. Click the drop down menu to expand, then select “Highlight” and the post will be featured.

Pin to the Top

Similar to featuring, you can also pin a post to the top of your Timeline. In the same toolbar used to highlight, there is an option to pin your post to the top. When done, the post will stay at the top of the timeline for the next seven days. After that, it will go back into chronological order.

Each of the small features will help showcase different pieces of content and elements of your Facebook Page, which can be great for engagement. Try them out, as they’re all very simple to use, but there are many Page owners who have yet to use these features.