This is one area that I’ve noticed many marketers having trouble with over and over again. Picking the right niche can be a tricky business, so, in this article we’ll go over some ways in which you can pick the right niche, and get started making money immediately.


Tip #1: Factor In Your Own Knowledge and Experience

The first rule of investing, which any investor will tell you, is to only invest in things that you are personally knowledgeable about, and, the same applies to Internet Marketing. We will be investing our money in marketing the niche that we choose, so, why not make it something that we know a whole lot about? It’s also important to choose something that you’re not only knowledgeable about, but, also interested in. This will make the entire process easier, and smoother, all around. So, if there happens to be a niche that you have some knowledge in, interest in, or both, save yourself some time and hassle, and see if that one is profitable first, before you test anything else, because if it is, that can be a goldmine for you, in both money, and enjoyment.


Tip #2: Use Google AdWords Keyword Tool

This is especially great if you plan on actually using Google AdWords, but, it can work for just about any traffic source, since Google offers such a broad picture for you, you can get a vey good idea of what niches are profitable, and of course, which ones are relatively low competition. If you plan on using Media Buying, then you can look at the stats for how many searches a certain keyword has, based on its searches within the Google Display Network. This can be very helpful to see how competitive a niche is in on the search engines, versus how much competition in has in display advertising, because sometimes, a given niche will be very under advertised in the Display Network, or under advertised within search, and then, there’s an opportunity there for you to be able to capitalize on that by using that traffic source to for your offer.

Google Keyword Tool

Tip #3: Network EPC

Should you be interested in selling physical products, with just a little bit of research on Commision Junction (, you can figure out which niche is the most profitable. will show you Network EPC’s (or Earnings Per Click) for most of their offers, and you can go through them, and find one with a High EPC that you’re interested in. It’s divided into categories, so, just pick the category, and search by Network EPC, and the results you need will be there almost instantaneously. Many other networks do this as well, including CPA networks, like Neverblue, if you’re interested in marketing some CPA offers, this is an excellent way to go. Searching for Network EPC, will show you the most profitable offers, in any given niche, very quickly… and if you compare the top EPC’s within different niches, then you’ll quickly uncover which are the most profitable ones.


Tip #4: Amazon Top Sellers

Interested in physical products? Why not just look at exactly what’s selling, very quickly and easily? By checking out the Amazon Top Sellers list, you’ll be able to see exactly what’s flying off the shelves, in just about any niche you can think of. This will not only help you to choose a niche, but also, it will tell you exactly what’s selling, and what’s not selling, within ANY niche. You can check out books, DVD’s, apparel, electronics, and just about everything else you can think of that’s sold on Amazon. It also has a nice, compact, little list of all the different niches listed down the left side of the page, to help you decide. Neat.


Tip #5: Use ClickBank

Clickbank is an excellent way to find a great niche, especially if you’re at all interested in marketing digital products of any kind. They have a very nice, neat list of niches, and you can look at the popularity, and the gravity of every niche. Popularity is an overall look at how much a given product is selling, so that one is pretty straight-forward. On the other hand, gravity is a bit more complex, but once you get the hang of it, you can use it to easily find great niches for digital products. Gravity is based on the number of affiliates marketing a given offer, and, how recently they made any sales on that offer. So, if you can find yourself an offer with a relatively high popularity, but a relatively low gravity, you’ll most likely be in the money with that one.


Well, that’s about it. While there are, of course, other ways to find the perfect niche, these are some of the best ways, and some easy ways to find something that you’ll just love to market. Remember to always factor Tip #1 into your decision making process, because if you’re not marketing something that you’re interested in, it will always make everything harder… Also, keep in mind, that when it comes to choosing a niche, there isn’t really any right or wrong answers, just a buffet of options for you to choose from. Happy niche hunting!