You’ve landed that guest post spot with a top blog in your niche – now you face the task of following through and making the most out of that relationship. With the right blog, a well-positioned post that garners a good response can send a flood of traffic to your website and in some cases your articles can even go viral. Not only does the webmaster already have a loyal audience, but if the site has any real clout they also are very good at promoting article that land on their site.

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That doesn’t mean every guest posting relationship is a win though. If you do it right a handful of these sites can become a constant stream of traffic and revenue, but you do have your work cut out for you. Make the most of it.

1. Think of the Long-term

The best guest-posting spots are not just a one-off article that gives you a temporary boost in traffic. Not at all! If you really want to make the most of your appearance on a high-authority blog, your aim should be to make it a regular “partnership.”
By posting regularly you can not only enjoy a sudden surge in traffic for every article you post but you can build your own authority in the niche. Aim to make a great lasting impression with readers, constantly come back to talk with them, and make some of them dedicated fans of your work.
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Not all blogs that accept guest posts will feature returning writers. They may still be worth the time if they have a good audience though; you can also leverage the experience to approach other authority blogs.

2. Join in the Promotions

Don’t just submit your article and then wander away. Pay attention to what happens, and most of all, promote the article as much as possible. If you have your own Twitter of Facebook following, you should send the article some extra love to help out. You can also mention it on your own site – as well as create another article or two on your site that will be relevant to the new stream of traffic.

3. Act Like a Mature Professional

When dealing with the webmaster who owns the site, it’s okay to be human with them, but resist the urge so many younger marketers have of getting too casual. Text-speak, swear words, and addressing people as “man” or “bro” might go over when talking with forum als, but authority site owners are the pros in the field and usually expect a certain level of professionalism.
Again, you’re shooting for the long-term here, so don’t turn them off with your demeanor and ruin the chances of further posting opportunities.
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4. Be Unique!

This should go without saying, but authority sites do not want cookie cutter content or regurgitated ideas. If you’ve done your research on the types of articles they post, you probably know what you’re looking for. Write magazine quality stuff for them. Keep it original and interesting – make a bang if you can!
A half-hearted effort is just a waste.

5. Promote, But Don’t Over-promote

Be sure to include a call to action at the end, especially if given the standard resource box. At the same time, you don’t want to overdo it though. The best resource boxes don’t scream out what you’re selling but rather mention your site and what you’re about, inviting people to come have another look.
Also, it’s considered very bad form to promote or drop hints about your offers within the body of the article itself (unless the site owner has explicityly invited this). Doing so will often result in your article being ignored or rejected.
Check out their other guest posts if you’re unsure about what is cool.
Guest posting can be extremely effective for a quick traffic grab, and even more effective if you make it a regular thing. If you want to make the most of it, get a few authority sites on your roster that are open to regular work from you. Then write articles that sizzle.