Creating an effective sales page often requires walking a fine line between laying it on too thick and being persuasive enough to close the deal. After all, there are certainly tactics that, while they seem a bit outlandish and obvious, are shown to be extremely effective when it comes to making sales. But you do have to be careful not to overdo it – let’s look at some annoying tactics you should always avoid.

Exit Pop-up

1. Exit Pop-up

Pop-ups in general are hideous and annoying; many site visitors will turn right back around and click away once they see them.
But none is more annoying than the exit pop-up. Really, what good can it do? Sell the product at a lower price than already offered? What a horrible precedent to set with a customer…now they know you weren’t being truthful on the web page, so why should they trust you now?

I’ve even had webpages lower the price on me twice!

If someone wants to leave your site, let them. Keep in mind, too, that they might just be going to deal with something else before coming back to consider the offer more. You don’t want to turn off a buyer that’s already been sold.

2. Videos On Auto-play

It would seem like video is more convenient, but it often isn’t. If your computer or internet connection is slow, they can take forever to load. And they can’t be scanned like text; you have to fully commit.
Annoying Video

What about videos set to auto-play? What an intrusion! If the volume is set high on your computer, this can deliver quite a shock, and in some cases, there’s not even a way to pause the video so you can allow it to load.

Let your readers decide if they want to watch, and always include text as well in case they want to receive the information that way.

3. Amateur Design

It boggles my mind how many otherwise great products have lousy, unprofessional-looking sales pages, as if having a sales page is more important than having a nice one. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t insist you spend thousands of dollars on a page or include all the bells and whistles.

Simple is perfectly fine (and often effective) but it should be nice, tidy, and well-formatted. It should look like a page a successful company would be proud of. No one wants to think they’re the only one buying your product.

4. Outrageous, Unbelievable Claims

It’s okay to lay down strong benefits in your sales page, but they should at least be believable. In fact, some top marketers even tone down their claims so that they’ll seem more realistic, even if the more hyped-up version is true. Hype has become all-too-common online and starts alarm bells ringing.

Outrageous Claims

5. The Hidden Price Tag

Don’t you hate it when all you want to know is how much a product costs but you can’t find it anywhere on the site? I’ll often scroll right over everything else to find the price, and then, if it it’s at least reasonable, go back and read the page.

I get that some marketers want to sell the product to you before they tell you how much it costs. But some prospects don’t want to be sold to, and others have a particular budget and that’s it.
I’ve left countless sales pages and online stores because I couldn’t decipher the price range before checking out what was being promoted.

6. Flash or Obnoxious Graphics

Flashy graphics and moving .gifs are not as cute as the wannabe designer seems to think. Too many bells and whistles can make a sales page look really spammy and slow down loading times.
Do you have any pet peeves when it comes to online sales pages? Share them below.