It is hard to underestimate the power of social media marketing in today’s business world. Not only does your company need to have a strong presence on various social networking sites, but you also need to closely monitor this presence and interact with your audiences. Thankfully, there are various tools out there to help you automate these processes and prevent you from spending hours of your time online doing the same tasks every day. Here’s a list of a few resources you should consider.

1. Mention


Just like its name suggests, Mention allows you to monitor the Web for any mentions of your business’s name online or any keyword that you input. On top of that, it lets you link your social media accounts to the alerts and quickly like any positive mentions on Facebook or retweet them without leaving the app’s site. A lot of your social networking can be done via the program’s simple, intuitive interface, saving you a lot of time and allowing you to interact with your customers on the go.

Mention boasts “artificial intelligence” or the ability to study your habits as you use the app and helps filter out only relevant alerts in the future. It has a lot of customization options, displaying only the alerts you want to see and allowing you to keep statistics of all your mentions by various criteria like source or time frame. The plans range from a free one to the Enterprise option for $65 a month.



Content delivery automation is a must for any professional on a tight schedule, which includes pretty much everyone these days. Many people prefer to spend a couple of hours writing content for the rest of the week and deliver it at different times rather than going to their social sites several times each day, which can be not only time consuming but distracting as well. is one of several popular tools for automated content delivery. You can schedule as many posts as you like at whatever times you like, and the program will take care of the rest. can be connected to any analytics system you are already using to monitor traffic, but it also provides its own engagement stats, showing you which content gets the most attention and on what networks. It will automatically add relevant hashtags to your posts and even correct your typos – just use the replace/remove tool to instruct the program to get rid of any mistakes you commonly make. You can choose from several pricing plans from $10 to $150.

3. Nimble


If your goal is to not only interact with your social media audiences but also to build solid, lasting relationships with them, then Nimble is a great tool to check out. The program emphasizes the relationship aspect of contact management, displaying in-depth information about your contacts from emails and social networks in one place. It shows you how you have interacted with the given contact over time, the last time you spoke to this person and your next meeting with him or her.

Nimble imports all data about your contacts from your social networks and email accounts, creating rich profiles of each one of them. It then provides you with insights on these contacts, such as analysis of your shared interests based on common keywords and topics, notifications about their job changes and birthdays, and quick overview of who has been mentioning you or your business in social channels. Nible developers describe the app as a unified mailbox helping you manage all your communications in one place. The program costs $15 a month for its multi-user, unlimited connections business plan.

4. Addvocate


Do a lot of your messages come from a single source, such as your company’s Facebook Page or your business LinkedIn account? This can make you sound overly promotional, and give less weight to your posts than if they were to come from your individual employees’ profiles. In addition, having your team post social media updates on behalf of the company helps you reach each one of their networks, which adds up to a much larger audience.

Addvocate was created to address this need for decentralizing your social media communications. It makes it easy for employees to share occasional updates about the company with the help of a browser plugin, which gives them regular content recommendations sent by the marketing team. The latter can then see statistics on how the content is shared, how many clicks the links get, who the top sharers are and similar useful information. The free plan allows for up to five users, with a $5 monthly fee for every additional user or $299 a month for 100 users.

5. Rapportive


Rapportive is a free social relationship management tool that lets you view the contacts from your social media networks as well as your blog’s email subscribers in the sidebar of your Gmail account. The app allows you to add your existing contacts or establish new ones based on shared interests. The contact preview lets you see the person’s picture, location and occupation. It also displays the links to all social media accounts of each one of your contacts, providing for quick interaction.

6. Tagboard


Tagboard makes it easy to monitor keywords or hashtags used in different social media channels. Once you enter your hashtags, the program creates a board for you, displaying relevant content from various social networks. Tagboard has built-in interaction options, so besides simply reading them, you can also engage with any posts on your board without leaving the site.

The app is great for brand monitoring or gathering content on a specific topic revolving around your industry. It also makes it possible to find potential leads by searching for social media conversations with hashtags that are relevant to your product or service. Cross-network hashtag analytics is also available, giving you a bigger picture on how certain keywords are ranking, when they are used and who is posting them. You can select from several plans, from free for individual use to $499 a month for a Pro account, suited for medium to large businesses.

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