As you may already know, the most important part of a salespage, by far, is it’s headline. Why? Because people will either read the salespage, and give you a chance to sell them, OR, they’ll leave, and, it’s all based purely on the quality of your headline. So, how do you write headlines that make sales? Here are six tips you can implement right away to start writing better headlines…

Tip #1: Why Reinvent The Wheel?

First of all, too many times, people will sit down, and they’ll just start brainstorming headlines out of the blue. While this can occasionally work to get you a good headline, the truth of the matter is, even if your a fantastic copywriter, and know all the general rules of writing good copy, you’ll still make a lot more failures than successes, so, what do you do? Well, there’s a little secret weapon we Copywriters have called “swipe files”, or “swipes”.

While this isn’t much of a secret really, not enough people actually use them when they go to write their copy. Remember, as I mentioned, the headline is the MOST important part of your copy, SO, when you’re crafting your headlines, you should ALWAYS be using PROVEN swipe files for ideas. Try to figure out what it was about these headlines that actually worked, and then copy those concepts into your own copy.

Keep in mind that just because a headline is in a swipe file, doesn’t mean it was successful, as some people sell swipes with headlines that were just pulled from thin air, so make sure that the swipe files that you’re using for ideas have proven headlines in them, from trusted authorities on Copywriting.

headline with benefits

Tip #3: Make It Believable

Too often we see headlines that say something along the lines of, “This Push-Button Software Will Allow ANYONE To Start Making $1,000’s Per Month, With Absolutely NO Effort Whatsoever!!!!”. What’s the problem with this headline? It destroys the credibility of the person who wrote it immediately, and the people who read it, will just assume he/she is a complete scam artist… not good. Your headline should ideally be very believable. Make it reasonable. Why would someone who had a push-button software that automatically make them thousands of dollars want to sell something like that? And if they did, wouldn’t they demand a FORTUNE for it? If you can get this software for $24.99, obviously, something’s not right. So keep your headline enticing, but don’t make it ridiculous. Somehow, people who are new to Copywriting often think these ridiculous over the top headlines make for some good copy… they don’t.

So, besides just not making ridiculous claims, how else do you increase believability? Well obviously providing testimonials above the fold always helps (a testimonial that backs up your headline’s claim, ideally) but on top of that, using very specific numbers, like 23.45354%, instead of doing 25% works very well. A lot of people use this, but it’s still a very solid tactic. Videos or screenshots can be used as well to support certain claims made in your headline, so be creative…