In the first part, we talked a bit about using swipe files, placing benefits in your headline, and a headline’s believability. Now, we’re going to go over a few more important key aspects which you can implement right away to be able to craft a more convincing headline. I’ll even be giving you some specific strategies for writing headlines which you can test out for your own offer, and you should see some decent results (in most cases).

Tip #4: Be Clear And Concise…

Sometimes, it’s best to just be clear about what you have to offer, and tell people exactly what it is in very simple terms. In sales, oftentimes, clarity beats what some might call “crafty sales copy”. Perhaps it’s the honesty and directness, which is so rare on the internet that makes this clarity and pureness just stand out from the rest, and give people a feeling that the person who wrote it is straight-forward and honest (going back to tip #3 in the first article; believability).

People (marketers) are usually making it so difficult to understand what it is they’re offering, and tend to use wording that confuses and misdirects, that seeing someone just be honest and straight-forward about what they have to offer, can be extremely refreshing. These headlines should be long enough to explain what it is you have to offer, but not much longer. While I don’t think that ALL your headlines should follow this rule, I do think that for any product or service you offer, trying a clear, concise headline, is always worth a shot… so definitely test it out.

headline clear concise

Tip #5: Make It Read Like An Interesting Article Or News Story

Surprisingly often, instead of sounding too “salesy” you can make a fortune by drawing people in with what seems like an article title, or a news story. For example; “Learn These 6 Easy Weight-Loss Tactics”. One caveat to this however, is that in your salesletter, you can’t just completely ignore what the title said, so, in this example, you would actually have to write something about 6 easy weight loss tactics, because of course, you don’t want people feeling like they’ve been misled, or like you just did a bait and switch. Offering value in your salesletter is something that you should be doing in any case.

News stories can be a bit more tricky of course, because news stories have to keep up with the times, to some extent, so what’s relevant today might not be relevant tomorrow. You could keep changing it of course, but oftentimes, it’s better not to bother using one of these headlines if it’s going to be very temporary. You can sometimes find news-sounding headlines that work extremely well however. One thing I should also note with these types of headlines is that if you use them in certain places, such as Google AdWords, you can get in trouble, such as by get Google slapped, or worse, banned… so when using these, make sure not to sound too “shady”.

news headline

Tip #6: Speak In The Imperative…

When talking to someone through a headline, instead of telling them something that will entice them to a certain action, it may be better to just tell them exactly what to do. While this headline won’t work on everyone, many people will follow along with the instructions. For example: “Read On To Find Out How You Can Train Your Dog With 3 Simple Tactics…”. Or “Become a Master With Free Traffic In 45 Days Or Less”. In the second example, you’re telling them to “Become a Master With Free Traffic”… that’s the imperative. You might think that this style of writing will offend some people, but more often than not, people are fine with it. While you are technically “commanding” people to do something, you’re not really doing it in a mean or condescending way, so it’s fine.


One final word on crafting an excellent headline: you don’t really know what’s going to work until you’ve tried it, so don’t just use one trick, but instead, you should be running A/B split tests using every single tip provided in these articles, as well as trying out as many others as you can find. Keep testing until you have a winner (or a few winners)… different headlines work for different markets and different offers, so test your heart out.