If you’re looking for a way to produce creative content for your blog, you might consider getting into the video marketing craze. With so many hand-held devices now available to watch videos from just about anywhere in the world at any time, there’s certainly plenty of reach, and more and more people are finding they would rather watch some cool videos online than read. While their initial interest may be superficial in nature, it’s not uncommon for viewers to get sucked right in when they come across a talking head show material they connect with.

YouTube Marketing

Here are some reasons I particularly enjoy video marketing.

1. It Has Viral Power

Videos are very good for creating a viral response to what you produce online. They are easily shared via social platforms like Facebook and Twitter and people will share them with their friends if they’re worth a watch. On the other hand, people don’t always share the good articles they read because they might think their friends aren’t likely to actually read them.
Many of the biggest viral sensations online are in video format.

2. Easier Than Ranking in Google

Many marketers are finding that it’s much easier to get good rankings in YouTube than it is to rank well in Google. Competition has gotten more fierce but there are definitely plenty of yet-untapped niches if you do your research ahead of time.

3. It Can be Fun

Videos can be a lot of fun because you get to really interject some personality into it and can get as creative as you like. It’s really a platform for entertainment, whereas articles are often more analytical and serious (though these certainly aren’t hard-fast rules). And you can create a video anywhere to show your audience whatever you want them to see in the real world. Often you can be getting work done without it seeming like your working at all because it just feels like you’re taking a camera along to your daily life.

4. Be the Real You

I don’t always feel like my writing voice reflects the voice in my head, but when I’m on video I get to be the real me. Some people approach it with a more scripted, artificial style but this approach won’t last long because it’s hard to maintain over the long run. For the best results, allow your personality to shine through and you can truly be yourself online – people want to connect with a genuine personality.

5. Build a Following

Videos offer a real chance to build a following if you have the right personality – people like to watch videos from the same “character” or “narrator” over and over and will actively seek out more of your stuff. This is a great chance for rerouting them to your site and shooting to build a following – think of “1000 True Fans” as opposed to becoming some big-time celebrity.
What you want is a small crowd of people who will watch anything you produce.

Of course, how you monetize that is up to you – you can offer a course in your subject, start writing your own books, or funnel them into an email marketing sequence seeded with affiliate offers. It’s really up to you and your audience.

6. You Can Do It from Anywhere

You can create solid videos with nothing more than your smartphone these days, meaning you can communicate with your audience on the go from anywhere. Of course, you can hypothetically write articles with smart phones and other mobile devices as well but it’s not all that convenient to do so. The video medium is truly portable.

Of course, not everyone even likes watching video, so it is nice if you can offer information in a few different formats, but it’s really up to you. Video just becomes a real dynamic way to get your message out and the right person can really become their own star in their niche with a solid presentation and an eye for adding value to the Internet.

Why not try a couple videos out just to see what response you get? Let the YouTube voters decide whether or not you’ve got the chops and if people respond well to your stuff, well, you can always create more.