In the last article, we talked about the first two tactics for acquiring more affiliates. Those tactics were; first of all, to make a dedicated landing page for your affiliate offer, and also, to try to offer the highest commissions possible, ideally, 100%. Now let’s go over a few more tactics for acquiring powerful new affiliates.

Tactic #3: Post It On All The Major Affiliate Networks

This one seems pretty obvious, but, you’d be amazed at how many people actually skip this step. Pretty much regardless of what you’re selling, whether it’s a physical product, or a digital one, there’s always a place where you can sell it. There are certain advantages to uploading your product to these networks, and the main one being: exposure. Particularly when your product gets popular, you will get a TON of free exposure, for example, on ClickBank, people will often sort their search results by “Popularity” or “Gravity”. Popularity is how well it sells, whereas Gravity rates how many affiliates are marketing it, based on how long ago each individual affiliate made a sale.

Regardless though, the more your product sells, the more affiliates it gets, the more exposure it gets, and the successes just keep on snowballing. So, if you can, then upload your digital product to ClickBank, and maybe even Amazon Kindle. If it’s a physical product, try getting it on Amazon,, and/or All of these will get you a ton of free exposure which you wouldn’t have had otherwise. And since you have a dedicated salespage that you can link to, you’ll already have a leg-up on most of the competition.

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Tactic #4: Create All The Salescopy and Ads That Your Affiliates Need

When offering a product which is going to be sold by affiliates, it’s important to note that you should give the affiliates all the tools they need in order to get started, and get going on a marketing campaign. Don’t just give them their affiliate links and say: “Here you go, good luck”. You actually want to give them what everything need to begin a campaign, and that goes for EVERY type of traffic source that they may want to use. Obviously, you can’t give them much to help with PPV or SEO, but there are many other things you can give to them.

For example, you should be offering text ads for Google AdWords and MSN adCenter, and separate text ads with images for Facebook Ads. These are the three largest ad platforms, so make sure that your affiliates have good ads for all of them. On top of this, you’ll want to offer them banner ads for display advertising. These can be both static and dynamic, but make sure you have them for people who would like to advertise using Media Buys or RTB platforms. On top of that, you should also be offering solo ads that people can send to their lists, and tweets that they can send to their followers on Twitter, as well as things they can send to friends and connections on other Social Networks as well. The key here, is not to leave any stone unturned when creating these ads… make sure people have what they need for their desired traffic source.

Also, these creatives should have both quality and quantity. You don’t need to trade one for the other. What I mean by that, is that if you’re not a Professional Copywriter, then hire one to get the job done for you. Don’t cheap out and do it yourself if you don’t really know what you’re doing, because people will quickly realize that all of these creatives are of low quality, and they’ll feel like trying to market them would just be a waste of time. Get someone who knows what they’re doing. And make sure you have several of every different type. Lots of banner ads, lots of text ads, Facebook ads, a few solos to choose from, the whole bit. Do this, and it will make the lives of your affiliates MUCH easier, by giving them a starting point, and they’ll reward you for it, with increased traffic from their own marketing campaigns.

These are two of the biggest things you can do to start seeing more revenue from affiliates, and they work in tandem. If your product is on one of the networks, you can use your robust suite of creatives as a HUGE selling point to get people on board and selling your offer. In the last part of this series, we’ll go over two more powerful tactics for getting more affiliates.