When you’re starting an online business or marketing online, you may end up interacting with the support of your web site host provider quite frequently. Usually, this will happen via live chat or over the phone. Dealing with live support can be confusing and frustrating (to say the least) depending on the particular agent you’re communicating with. However, did you know that there’s an art to getting the help you need out of your support rep? Of course not every rep you deal with is the same; but there is an art to getting this done.

phpne support staff

1. Give them the end result that you’re expecting

Rather than explaining what you want them to do and directing them where to go, tell the representative what you want your end result to be. They’ll be much more receptive to this and if they don’t know the answer, they can ask for help.

2. Stay calm, and be polite

Even with the most frustrating of support representatives, it doesn’t pay off to be hot-headed about things. When you’re nice to your tech, they will fight for you when it comes to the people who’re actually in charge of what’s going on.

3. Encourage them to ask for help

No, this does not mean shouting “GET ME YOUR BOSSSSSS!!!” I am referring to helping them by answering the questions they have firstly – and if they seem stuck, say, “would it help you to maybe ask a senior tech?”. It can be frustrating to wait on a ticket, but if they need to process a ticket for you, let them do the ticket and when they come back, ask them to escalate it.

4. Be as detailed and patient as possible

Do not assume your technician knows what you’re talking about at the first mention; remember, these are people and not computers. No matter how good the tech is, they’re going to need you to back them up and give them as much clarity and detail as you can. Try not to get frustrated with additional questions.

5. If you cannot maintain your cool with all of the above….

If you’re so frustrated with your tech that you can’t be calm, give details, and tell them what you want – then tell them you need another tech or you need to switch to email support. It is okay to ask for someone else to speak with in support however be prepared for the answer to be “Unfortunately I am the only one available” if you’re working with a minor situation that they cannot forward off.

6. Leave feedback on your experience

Most hosting companies do go through your comments, so ask your tech where you can leave feedback. Rate your chat at the end if that’s an option and email management with your thoughts on your experience. This will not only help things improve for next time, but may help you get your issue escalated if it’s something ongoing.

If you follow all of these steps, your support experience is going to be so much more pleasant and your technician will stick by you (assuming they’re not just having a bad day or are they are a bad tech – hey, it happens!).