Let’s face it, choosing a blog name can be as challenging as choosing a name of your first born child.  You want one that represents strength or maybe beauty and make everyone say “wow, what a great name”.  You want your blog name to do basically the same thing, well kind of.  You want a name that portrays whatever your blog is about in a clear and concise manner.  You can go one of two ways when creating your name, relevant or totally off the wall.  Here are a few tips on picking a good name for your blog.


Check trademarks against blog name


Most importantly: Do not pick a name that has been trademarked – you’ll end up getting into a lot of trouble.  Instead use the 6 tips below to come up with a unique and compelling name for your blog

Visit trademarkia.com to search for existing trademarks

1 Go With What You Know

One good tip for choosing a good blog name is going with your gut.  If you know your content very well and can think of a name that stands out in your head, use it.  So many blog names have been butchered due to people second guessing themselves.  If you have a name already in your head and it seems to have a ring to it, go for it.

2 Research Competitors

Check to see if your name has been used already.  Put your idea into a search engine and see if any hits generate for it.  It’s possible that your amazingly unique sounding name has already been used.  Not only is it considered unethical to use another name as your own, you will more than likely not be able to anyway.

3 Creativity: Make Something Up But Make Sure You Can Pronounce It

Be creative with your name.  If you create a name that sounds like any other name floating around in cyber space, it will blend in with all the others.  You want to have a creative name that people will remember.  A catchy name will draw more attention than a boring name.

4 Keep It Short, Keep It Simple

This one ties in with creativity.  Be creative with your name but at the same time keep it short.  Creativity can help you make a name others will remember, but if it’s too long, then you just defeated the idea of making it memorable. 

5 Brainstorming: Create Mind Map

A good way to come up with a blog name is to get your friends involved.  Brainstorming and having friends come up with names can generate some good ideas. 

6 What’s In a Name: Avoid Trademark Confusion, Check Trademarkia.com

Be careful in what you pick for a name.  If you are talking about party planning, “Looking for a Good Time” might not be the best choice in names.  If you are going to base your name off of your content, make sure it’s a name that will not get confused with other products, or services for that matter.

What you name your blog can be just as important as the content it contains.  Putting some time and thought into creating your name could mean the difference between a successful blog and a tremendous flop.  Take your time and have fun with it.  Who knows, you could come up with the next best thing.  These are just a few tips you could try when coming up with a good name, good luck and have fun.