Social Lead Freak is powerful tool used by a lot of affiliate marketers. This popular solution helps attract new leads, achieving the goal through the use of social media networks such as Facebook and Google+. It allows marketers to tap into hot topics currently discussed by social media users and utilize popular trends before people lose interest in them, which can happen rather quickly in the social networking world.

Social Lead Freak

Social Lead Freak allows advertisers to skip the step of constantly buying lead packages. It offers them a single, permanent solution instead. The product’s developers call it “a lean, mean, lead-pulling machine made perfectly.”

It is a desktop-based application and runs on Adobe Air. It is Mac and PC compatible, and has packages ranging from $97 to $147.

Some of the things that Social Lead Freak lists as requirements for good leads include:

  • being “hot” or wanting to quickly receive the products or services they need
  • being “real” or paying attention to what you have to say
  • “untapped” or not being overly exposed to similar types of advertising
  • and “ultra-targeted,” meaning that you can address their very specific needs

Here are some other features that make Social Lead Freak successful and allow it to stand out among its competitors.

1. Works with Multiple Social Media Networks

While many software developers emphasize the need to choose one feature and concentrate on it, Social Lead Freak goes against this theory. Not only does it work with multiples social media sites, but also has multiple ways of getting leads from each one of these sites. Its Facebook interface, for example, has tabs such as Groups, Places, People and Events, among others. Each one of these features also provides several different ways of getting leads in their own right.

2. Utilizes Facebook Graph Search

Facebook Graph uses the data from all of the network’s user IDs to allow you to find only people with certain interests, likes and group affiliations, among other categories. Social Lead Freak takes full advantage of this feature. It plays on the idea that people who were recently active on Facebook, particularly those who posted something about their wants and needs, are also more likely to become active buyers of the product or service they have recently mentioned.

If somebody has just created a post such as “I need my website redesigned as soon as possible,” this is definitely the type of user whose ID you will want to extract.

3. Works with Facebook Ads Power Editor

You can upload member IDs you obtained with the help of Social Media Freak straight into the Facebook Ads Power Editor. This helps you reach a much more narrow and targeted market, increasing the amount of clicks and avoiding the people who would find your information irrelevant, potentially also helping you save on ad costs.

You will need to use Google Chrome to be able to install Facebook Power Editor. Once you have it running, you can start creating custom audiences for your ad campaigns. Start by using the editor’s in-build Custom Audience feature to create your own targeted groups such as Sports or Jogging or Cooking. You can then upload the ID list extracted with the help of Social Media Freak straight into your custom audience group.

Once Facebook is done processing the list of IDs, you can then log into your Facebook Ads Manager, create an ad, and check the Custom Audience box. This will upload your Social Lead Freak IDs directly into your ad campaign. You can choose one custom audience or multiple audiences, including different variations of the same activity or different geographic locations, etc.

4. Searches by Groups, Events, Pages and Posts

Social Lead Freak pulls up only the relevant groups, as well as the pages that match the keywords in your search. You can also choose to see only pages over or under a certain amount of likes. Targeting the ones with less likes allows you to promote to people that haven’t yet been bombarded with your type of advertising. Opting for the pages with more likes lets you address a larger number of people in your particular niche.

Additionally, Social Lead Freak finds Facebook users who responded to event invites, which in most cases indicates their enthusiasm about something and a good sales opportunity. On top of that, the software’s post searching feature allows you to find the statements that mention the need for a certain feature, product or service, easily extracting the IDs of the users who these posts belong to.

5. Works Well with Google+

Similarly to the way it works with Facebook, Social Lead Freak also takes advantage of Google+ user data, claiming that it is even easier to get leads from this social medial tool. The software allows you to sort the leads you find here by re-shares, replies or +1s.

Because it is still relatively new and because not many advertisers give it the attention it deserves, Google+ can provide you with a unique pool if you choose to use it for your lead-gathering activities. Social Lead Freak is one of the first programs of its type to target this particular market.

6. Allows You to Be Specific

The software allows you to build a very targeted list of prospects, which can be used for affective advertising in social media networks. Social Lead Freak allows you to develop a custom audience for your ads with pinpoint accuracy. Better click-through rates and higher conversions are some of the benefits that many users of the software have been pointing out.

For instance, if you don’t want to target thousands of people who like a certain page, you can choose to attract only the leads that are interactive, or those who have been posting on the page or communicating with other people in the group. This makes it a lot of easier to find active users who, in most cases, also make active buyers.

Many affiliate marketers who work with Social Leak Freak say in their online reviews that they have noticed visible improvements in their conversion rates since they started using the software. So if you are involved in any type of social media marketing and want to try creating more specific advertising campaigns, this program is definitely worth a try.