Almost everyone online has heard about Adsense and a good majority of those people are also pursuing this form of online marketing, but regardless of whatever you’ve heard or read about this popular Google application; you really can’t believe everything. First of all, let’s get one thing straight. Adsense does not mean consistent monthly income and a fast track to riches, so for those of you who are looking for an overnight get-rich scheme you will be sorely disappointed with this one.
Adsense Myths

While we’d like to think associating with something so intimate and close to the heart of Google will give us automatic success, that’s absolutely not the case. Here are a few more Adsense myths that you might want to rid from your beliefs before you start having unachievable expectations and setting unrealistic goals.

Myth #1 Text Ads are more effective than Image Ads

Not necessarily. In fact, some would say image ads are more appealing and catches reader’s attention better. It’s all about balance and having the presence of both types of ads on your site allows for diversity and the opportunity for more advertisers bidding on your ad spots.

Myth #2 Ad Placement doesn’t matter

Tell that to the ads that have never been seen or clicked on because they’re located way at the bottom of the page where no one ever scrolls to. It’s proven that ads above-the-fold (ATF) usually appear first to users therefore they’re regarded as more valuable.

Myth #3 High paying keyword rich content attracts traffic for ads

High paying keyword rich content does attract traffic; targeted traffic at that, but just because they’re interested in your content doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be interested in the ads you have. The chances may be higher although not guaranteed.

Myth #4 More ads means more money

There are many debates on whether less means more or more means more when it comes to Adsense. But here’s one thing for sure, not all ads have equal click values and the best CPC is often given to the ads with the highest conversions. On the other hand, one or few ads can lower your CTR. It’s best to test your site and see what amount of ads give you optimal results.

Myth #5 Adsense can work for everyone

That is, if you’re in the right niche. Over the years, many people have seen that Adsense works better for some sites in particular niches than just any general site. Diversify your marketing methods and see what works best for what you’re offering. Adsense may or may not be the answer for you.

Myth #6 Don’t mix affiliate offers with Adsense

And why in the world not? Unfortunately there’s this ridiculous rumor going around that says if you do so, your Adsense earnings will decrease. But that is far from the truth. In fact, you can even increase your income if you properly combine the use of Adsense and relevant affiliate offers.

Myth #7 Your Adsense account can easily get banned by Google

There’s no doubt the person or persons who came up with this myth probably broke a lot of rules. It’s a great scare tactic for those who aren’t familiar with Adsense, but the reality of it is circumstantial. The Adsense team doesn’t go around banning accounts for no reason; while there are a lot of guidelines to follow they’re easy to apply. A few reasons why your account would get banned is because to there are too many fraudulent clicks, too many broken TOS and non-converting traffic.