As you’re probably already aware, is the largest Internet Marketing forum in the world. There are countless threads being started, and posts being posted nearly every second of every day. WarriorForum has been famous for both its War Room (paid private section of the forum, offering TONS of free value) and of course, it’s WSO (Warrior Special Offers) section, which offers various digital products (information products, plugins, software, etc) at a discount for Warriors.

Tip #1: Be An Authority. The Better Your Reputation… The Better.

One common trend I’ve seen is when people only have a few posts, no one even really knows who the heck they are, and all of the sudden, they launch a WSO… leaving people scratching their heads. This is obviously a huge mistake, because people buy from people that they like and trust, and while you CAN build like and trust right within the copy, it is very difficult, and doesn’t match the sort of respect you’ll get from building up a nice reputation.

So, how do you do it? Two words: Free value. Sure you can trade some value in exchange for opt-ins, and build yourself a list, but here’s the thing, nothing beats actually offering excellent, free content to people, either on your blog, on WarriorForum, or elsewhere. You can do it in Webinars, or by posting free eBooks in the War Room, but however you want to do it, make sure what you’re offering is truly of value, and of course, always speak with authority.

Tip #2: When You Do Go To Post Your WSO, Do This…

When you have established yourself as an authority, and you’re ready to post your first WSO, make sure to offer a TON of value within your course, and at a very good price. In essence, this is what the WSO forums are all about… special offers. It is amazing how cheaply people are usually willing to offer great content to their fellow Warriors… so do it. Just selling a 45 page eBook for $27 WILL NOT cut it. Instead of writing eBooks, people place a higher value on video courses, so why not offer a HUGE, 22-hour long video course for $9? THAT is the kind of value we’re really talking about here. Offering a ton, and asking for very little. When you do this, the sales will pour in through WarriorForum, and it’ll greatly enhance your reputation for future launches.

Tip #3: Pick The Proper Niche/Offer…

When you’re choosing a niche to create a product for, make sure it’s one that ACTUALLY converts on WarriorForum. A lot different topics simply DO NOT work, no matter how much of an authority you are in that field, regardless of how good your copy is, regardless of how good your offer is, it just doesn’t matter… if you’re selling tips on how people can successfully trade in the stock market, it’s simply NOT going to work. Basically any subject that isn’t DIRECTLY related to Internet Marketing, and even some of the topics that ARE directly related to Internet Marketing, will not work. To give you an example… Copywriting.

Copywriting is more directly related to Internet Marketing than nearly anything, because it’s basically half of it. In marketing, you have the medium and, you have the message. Copywriting is the message, and therefore half of the equation. The “Internet” part is the medium… So, you would think Copywriting programs do famously well on WarriorForum, right? Guess again. They do MISERABLY. Why? Because the vast majority of people on that forum don’t really understand what true Internet Marketing is, and therefore, don’t really see the value in good Copywriting, ergo, your products will fail if they’re all about Copywriting.

So, then what does actually work on the WarriorForum? Basically, anything surrounding getting free traffic, SEO or otherwise, things about getting wealthy quickly and easily, and living the Internet Marketing lifestyle without having to learn how to do it the hard way, etc. It’s important too that you make sure that the audience doesn’t need any technical abilities whatsoever in order to use your product… make it so anyone can do it. Things about list-building, especially building a list cheaply and easily will work really well. Any “hidden techniques, tactics, etc.” that tell people you know something they don’t, but should know, work really well too. I think you get the idea. If you have the authority, you offer a ton of value, and within the niches that work in the WSO forum, then you’re well on your way to WSO success…