In this article, we’ll go over some tips for marketing on Twitter. Twitter is one of the most useful social networks for making money online, and the micro-blogging platform gives it some unique, and distinct advantages and disadvantages. For example, it’s easier to get a ton of followers on Twitter, than Facebook friends, for example, so, generally speaking, you can have a much wider reach on Twitter. This article is designed to help anyone who’s new to Twitter marketing to learn how to do it effectively and start earning some real income via Twitter, while catering to, and building relationships with, their followers.

Tip #1: Just Like With A List The Most Important Thing Is…

If you have a list, then you probably know what the most important thing is when dealing with that list: value. More than anything else, you have to make sure you are offering some serious, solid, value to your followers. What is value? How is it defined? A tricky question indeed, but generally, it’s anything that people on your list can take, implement, and gain improvements in, in whatever niche you’re working in. So, if you’re promoting relationship advice, value might be something like offering advice on what activities someone could engage in with their partner to keep a relationship going strong. Anything that people read, and feel like they got something out of it, is essentially value.

This is unbelievably important with Twitter, because it’s essentially a form of relationship marketing, wherein you’re not just pitching people stuff over and over again, but actually consistently giving them value, and only offering them things that will give you a financial reward occasionally. If you abuse your followers by basically acting like an ad machine, you’ll find that in short order, you’ll be losing followers left and right, and the ones you end up keeping, either don’t check their Twitter too often, or just start ignoring your tweets completely. So, rule #1 of marketing on Twitter: Offer Value. If you don’t do it, you won’t make money on Twitter, it’s that simple.

Tip #2: Build Your List, Get More Followers

If you’re building a list, AND you’re building a following on Twitter, why not have the two of these things work in tandem and have them both fueling one another non-stop? What I mean by this, is why not have your Twitter followers join your list, and also, have the people on your list follow you on Twitter? If you have people following you, and basically listening to you in more places, it creates a stronger bond, a stronger relationship with these people. So, advertise to your list that you sometimes offer some exclusive value via Twitter (and actually do it) and on top of that, advertise a free report or something to your Twitter followers that they can only get by signing up for your list. This way, your list grows larger after you get a certain number of Twitter followers, and the more followers you get on Twitter, the larger your list grows. Now you can advertise to people on both channels, increase your revenue both on Twitter, and with your list. Easy.

Tip #3: Keep Your Finger On The Pulse And Stay In The Loop

One thing that it’s important to do, is stay up to date with what’s going on within your network. A network is a two-way street, so it shouldn’t just be seen as you marketing to people, but as you “communicating” with them, and communication implies both speaking and listening. People will catch on if you try only to talk to them, even if you’re offering real value, and not marketing to them every two seconds, they still expect you to interact with them on a regular basis as well. If you don’t do this, people will start to feel ignored, and they’ll get the hunch that you’re only offering value to them so you can profit off of them in the end, and you don’t really care about cultivating these relationships.

In the beginning, you might find this to be relatively easy… maybe you only have a few hundred Twitter followers, so keeping up to date with them, interacting with them, and reading all their tweets is a piece of cake. But, what happens when your following gets larger and larger, and you have thousands upon thousands of people following you? Well, you can still stay in the loop. There are tools available, such as “Summify” that can help you by looking at all of your Tweets (as well as other activity on other social networks also) and they consolidate this information, so you can keep your finger on the pulse of everything that’s going on within your network, but without having to actually read every single tweet that comes through. This gives you time to just respond to the tweets that matter, and ignore the ones that don’t.

Summify Screenshot

Tip #4: Reward Your Followers For Their Participation

Don’t just talk back and forth with your Twitter followers. You want to ACTIVELY reward them for participating, and essentially, doing what you want them to do. How do you do this? Well, you can do this by retweeting their posts to your followers. This is especially effective if you have A LOT of followers. People will participate in hopes that you’ll retweet something that they say, giving them all sorts of attention… this will be like the proverbial carrot on the stick that can get people to participate almost just so they can win the “prize” of getting retweeted by you.

Also, reward people for following you as well, by following them back. You don’t want to be one of those people that has a few thousand followers, but, who’s only following a handful of people… follow people generously. If someone follows you, and you don’t follow them back, it might seem like you’re trying to be one of those people, and some people might feel insulted if they follow you, and you don’t bother to follow them back. So, be sure to follow those who’re following you… it might not look as “cool” to be following countless people, but it’s a much better relationship-builder than seeming like you’re out of touch with your audience.

Tip #5: Freely Share Valuable and Relevant Content

If you come across something that’s both valid, and valuable to your Twitter followers, why not share it? You want to be careful with this, because you don’t want to have it seem like you’re “promoting” anyone else’s content, but still, if you find a valuable blog post online, take a minute to shoot it out to your Twitter followers, and even discuss it with them. Don’t keep good, solid, content to yourself. People will appreciate that you took the time to post something that’ll ultimately help them out, and it takes a lot less effort on your part to share someone else’s value, than it does to create that valuable content yourself, so share, share, and share.

Tip #6: Make Your Tweets Keyword-Rich, But…

Make sure that some of your tweets are keyword-rich, and relevant to the primary content you’re offering, however, make sure to never actually keyword-stuff. Keyword stuffing is when you just put keywords in weird places, in order to just get the keywords in there, and of course, when you do this, oftentimes, people will pick up on it, and it just looks bad. Using some keywords, however, keeps things relevant for your audience, and let’s people reading your tweets get a grasp on what you do rather quickly.

Tip #7: Stay On Topic (For The Most Part)

Many people who market on Twitter are never sure really how much to keep their tweets “professional” and relevant, and when to stray a little bit and make things a little more personal, fun, or just plain silly. Personally, I think it’s dull if you LITERALLY try and be professional 100% of the time, and keep it strictly about content, even if the content is valuable, just providing “content” 100% of the time is just plain boring, and doesn’t show any of your real personality, which is a big turn-off to people, because they’ll feel like you’re being “fake”.

At the same time, you also don’t want to give people the “play by play” as so many people on Twitter do, where they tweet “going to the store”, “eating a sandwich”, “going for a walk”, etc. Obviously, these types of tweets are boring, and quite frankly, no one cares to hear them. So, have a bit of fun sometimes. Tell a funny joke you heard, talk about something interesting that happened to you earlier that day (if it really was interesting), or mention some exciting plans that you have coming up, anything that really spices things up, so it’s not 100% professional and just purely content-driven ALL the time. Make it fun AND valuable for people, and you’ll find people will be glued to your tweets… it’s all about finding a balance. Don’t be too silly and not provide enough content, but don’t be a content-robot all the time either. Just find a nice middle-ground.

Hopefully you enjoyed this post. If you’re looking to make money on Twitter, as I said, it’s probably the best of the social networks for marketing, in so many ways. You can easily monetize your followers to make an average of about $1 per month, per follower, which can pretty quickly yield you a full-time income online, since a few thousand followers isn’t too difficult to get. The most important thing I could tell you, to sum it up, is this: Offer value, be friendly and fun, care about your audience, and of course, limit how much you try to monetize them, while focusing more on building some friendships and professional relationships.