If you run a blog, you’re certainly looking to get more traffic, but sometimes blog promotion can be more of a stumbling block that actually creating regular content. Promoting a blog is important business and is one of the critical success factors for generating traffic. Take a look at some ways to promote your blog.

1 – Facebook


We start here, simply because it’s the largest and most active social network, so don’t miss out on a great place to promote your blog.

Regardless of your promotional efforts to this point, Facebook is likely the location of quite a few of your supporters anyway, so why not start here!? If you are on Facebook for personal reasons, sharing your content may get you a good number of friends to interact with your posts, which may turn other people onto it. This taps into the powerful viral nature of Facebook. If you’re using a Facebook Page (using both a Page and Profile is probably the best combination) your spread could be very effective in promoting your blog posts.

Be sure to post all of your blog posts to Facebook on your Page, then share that update with your personal profile. Also, it’s recommended that you share an image and include a link to the blog post, since that will get more eyeballs on your post than just text.

2 – Twitter

Twitter is an absolutely fantastic way to promote your account, simply Because you can continue to her between about, your blog post, to the sheer volume of activity on Twitter. You can use it tool like Hootsuite to schedule promotion of your blog post to go out over the next couple of weeks. And that you simply re-write tweets slightly each time.

3 – Google Plus

Google Plus is going to get your content indexed, which is a reason in and of itself to use the network to promote your content. Additionally, Google+ tends to be a loyal community, especially in certain niches. And so if you’d be com a Content Producer, you can grow strong following, and get in at somewhat of a ground floor level on the network.

4 – Pinterest


Pinning Contents a great way promote your blog. Make a board related to each of your blog categories. And pin an image or video to each board to represent your blog. Pinterest is powerful source of traffic not be overlooked.

5 – Social Bookmarking


To be fair, social bookmarking has lost some steam over the past few years, as social activity has increased but with users having settled in fewer places. Still, bookmarking is effective enough, from both an SEO standpoint, as well for actually getting views by users of the bookmarking sites to warrant recommending it. Reddit and Stumbleupon remain legitimate sources of traffic and a good way to spread the word about your blog.

6 – Guest Blogging


Guest blogging has become the center of much debate in the blogging world. The practice has grown to be so common that some feel the value isn’t there anymore, but if you can expose a group of readers that have never been exposed to your writing, is that useful for you? It sure can be, depending on where you’re at with your blog and the blog that you appear at as a guest. If you can book a date with a high traffic blog, go for it, it will provide lasting value to your personal brand, as well as send referral traffic to your blog.


7 – Blog Commenting

Lastly, one of the more cumbersome of blog promotion methods, commenting still works when done seriously. By this, I mean not just by leaving some awful comment spam that was done by a mass auto-commenting software. Visit sites in your niche, leave your remarks and bring something to the greater conversation. If you do that, you may just stir up enough interest to both have your comment approved, as well as by readers as they are curious enough to click on the link to check out your blog.