If you have an online business, a corporate website, or simply have a website that you use as a tool for self-promotion you are doubtlessly interested in attracting customers. There are some simple ways for you to accomplish this goal.

1 Who is Your Target Audience?

Who is your target audience? Are you mainly interested in pitching to local clients or are you trying to cast a global net. How you promote your website will depend largely on how you answer this question. Getting clear on this is the first and best way to begin promoting your website.

2 Make Good Use of Your URL

Start by making good use of your URL. Have it visible on all your promotional materials. This includes your letterhead and business cards. Choose a font that is easy to read and a font size that is large enough to be seen easily. You don’t want your customers to have to locate a magnifying glass to decipher your URL. And, don’t forget to create a signature that includes your URL and set your email up so that it automatically gets tagged onto the end of all your outgoing mail. As well, if you have promotional items like pens, calendars and T shirts that you give away to your customers and the public make sure your URL is easy to see on these items. You want everyone to know how to find you online. If you have a vehicle that is used for business, then get your URL on there too. Don’t forget the Yellow Page ads either. Take every opportunity that is reasonable, to display your URL.

3 Exchange Links

You’ve heard of the saying, scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours? There are probably other businesses that you work closely with or that are complementary to your business in some way and they have websites too. Seek out these websites and exchange links with them. It’s an easy way to drive traffic from one site to another and make connections that might pay off in other ways too.

4 Offer Articles to Other Websites and Blogs

Chances are that you have expertise in your area of business. Consider writing an interest article about something on which you are knowledgeable. For example, let’s say you have a pet store, you might write up an interest piece about companion dogs; which breeds make good companions, their habits and attributes. Now you can offer your article for free to appropriate blogs and websites. Of course you have included your URL in the article. You have now created another link to your website and have established yourself as an expert in the field of your business.

5 Send Out a Press Release

Promote your website using Press release sites

www.prweb.com is a popular site for press release submissions

Conduct a quick search online and you will find many websites that publish press releases free of charge. It’s simple and easy to write up a press release for your business and submit it to several of these sites. While you’re at it send one into the newspapers where you live as well. You may be invited to write an article about your business for publication or perhaps a reporter will interview and write an article about you and your business. Be sure to include your website URL in all your written material.

6 Use Keywords and Phrases on Your Website

When writing content for your website, use keywords that include the name of the city where you run your business (let’s use Chicago for this example). Do this for Meta tags as well. Now use the pet store example again. When a potential client is searching online for a product you sell say, dog crate, their search will result in pages and pages of options. If they search for dog crate and also include Chicago as well, you have a better chance of your pet store being higher in their search results if you have included Chicago as a keyword and Meta tag when creating your website.

7 Create a Newsletter and Special Offers for valued Site Members

When designing your website create a way for visitors to join and become site members. This strategy will give you a potential customer base very quickly. You can then create a newsletter or make “special offers” that only privileged site member can enjoy. Be creative and you will see the benefits of website promotion very quickly.