One of the best things to boost your eCommerce income is to get a steady revenue from affiliates. You can often get more affiliates by offering rewards for a certain number of leads. People will send you a lot of traffic if you have a decent product. 

Getting a product to begin with

Do you have your own product that you sell on the Internet? If not, do you want to? You can always have a digital product created for you at sites like eLance or even Fiverr. If you’re more of DIY kind of person, TreeHouse teaches you how to write software, build web sites, and create apps.


Study for 15 minutes a day and learn to DIY. Practice for 15 minutes a day, and blog your journey. Then when the rubber meets the road, don’t stop till you are done.

Selling the product

Do you have a web site to sell your product? If not, do you have $110 to buy hosting and a domain? You can build an eCommerce web site for free, after buying the domain and hosting, that will allow buyers to buy your digital products and have them auto-delivered. You can use WordPress and WooCommerce for that. Or, you can spend $5 per month and E-junkie will host and auto-deliver your digital products for you. PayLoadz is another choice for cheap hosted stores.

Tips to make it easier for affiliates to actually sell your products

Do you have an affiliate program setup? Tips & Tricks HQ has affiliate software available. They also have store software that integrates flawlessly with the affiliate software. Both are WordPress plugins. E-junkie has a built in affiliate management tool included in the $5 subscription. Lots of options out there. But what you want to do for your affiliate is:

1) Create a mailing list specific for affiliates (use MailChimp or AWeber or any other) 2) Create banners, buttons, and graphics for you affiliates to use (or hire it done on Fiverr or eLance or a similar site)

3) Create swipe copies that they could email their lists (or hire it done), plus Twitter tweets, Facebook status messages, etc.

4) Email them regularly with new promotions, special offers, and discounts

5) Include affiliate training – create videos how to setup a web site, how to setup lists, how to use your affiliate app to get banners and use the email swipe files, etc. (or hire it done)

6) Work hard to get discounts on tools, like geo targeting, that could help your affiliates make more money – explain the value, and tell them about the discount you negotiated for them – or find a way to get it to them for free after they demonstrate a certain set of actions (build their site and write ten articles, for example)

7) Have a dedicated support team for your affiliates

8) Create videos, audio, and other media for your affiliates to use and embed

9) Offer to build sites for them for free if they buy their web hosting, domain name, and WordPress theme through your affiliate link 10) Visit the affiliate’s sites and offer feedback, suggestions ans support 11) Run contests, not for the #1 affiliate (do that too if you want), but for affiliates that take action and follow your laid out action steps, and pick a winner at random, and reward them with advertising dollars and a tutorial how to do it

In conclusion

So often, as an affiliate, I sign up to promote a product or service, and I am given a list of rules, which, granted, is important, but I get little else. The most money that I have ever made with a merchant is when they reach out personally and offer valuable resources and coaching. It makes me want to try harder to promote their offers for them. As a merchant, it’s worth a think wouldn’t you say?