With the downturn in Adsense revenue, webmasters are increasingly going elsewhere or add additional ad networks to their websites to make up for lost revenue. Here are 4 of the best pop-under ad networks that you might want to try.


Feature PropellerAds (TOP) ExoClick PopAds (TOP) Gunggo
Adblocker BypassMostMostBest!Most
Family-Friendly?Clean / FriendlyAbility To Exclude AdultAbility To Exclude AdultAdult-Dating / Aggressive
Real Popunders?Yes (Onclick)YesYesYes
Payment TermsNET30 (After 30 Days)NET7 (After 7 Days)NET1 (Daily, Best!)NET30 (After 30 Days)
Minimum Payment$100 (Payoneer) – $500 (Wire)$20 (Payoneer) – $500 (WebMoney)$0-$10 (Best!)$50 (Paypal, Payoneer, Check) – $250 (Wire)
GEOsGlobal, 100% attemptedGlobal, 4th Biggest Ad Network World-WideGlobal,50 countriesAverage, (US,CA,UK,AU)
Backend ScoreA++ (Live Stats, Very Intuitive)A (Live Stats)A+B-
Network Size30m onclick / 200m banner125 billion (overall)1000 campaigns / day900m (overall)
Advertising BidsFixed CPMRTB (realtime)Fixed, Starting at $1 CPMUnknown
Target PublisherSmall – LargeSmall – Large (Flexible)Small – LargeLarge (30k uniques)
CPM RatesUp To $10 (Optimized After 5 Days)Unknown$1-$4Unknown
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Why Pop-Under Ads? Adsense Revenue Down For Most Smaller Publishers

Ad revenue on desktop has taken a major downfall for many publishers. Publishers across the globe have seen earnings plummet from anywhere between 50 and 150% YoY. This is a major shift publishers have to face. Many of them decide to abandon Adsense completely and try their luck on video platforms such as Youtube. Others decide to let this play out or develop side-businesses into proper revenue streams. It has such a big impact that it is now safe to assume that this will decrease the amount of free content in a major way. Hence, consumers need to be prepared to see much more paywalls in 2015 and beyond, especially for premium content.

However, if Google can’t deliver, webmasters may have no choice but to look elsewhere. The question is, what ad-format is going to replace that income? I don’t like saying it, but pop-unders seems like a winner in this environment.

Pop-Under Ads vs Interstitial Ads

As you may have heard, Google has recently announced that interstitial ads will affect your rankings in the future. Especially your mobile rankings, because interstitial ads on mobile devices are a significant annoyance and may hinder users from consuming content properly.

Pop-under ads on the other hand are a better alternative. However, there are click pop-under ads and real pop-under ads that stay hidden. Click pop-under ads are not activated unless a user clicks on your site and will most often open a new tab “on top”, which means the user will be directly confronted with a new page on a different domain. Traditional pop-under ads are loaded when the user first visits the page and are hidden in the background and are only seen when a user closes your website and others that may be open.

Going For The Least Annoying Ads And Incremental Revenue

In order to up your revenues you should first focus on finding ads that bring in incremental revenue, which means it should not affect your Google Adsense revenue. If it does, then it’s not incremental. With pop-under (click) ads, there is a chance they may lower your pageviews and consequently your Adsense revenue. But even traditional pop-unders can lower your earnings by increasing your bounce-rate.

On the upside, they have a great payout rate. Earnings can be as high as $5-10 CPM. That is as high as your typical Adsense revenue at the moment or even higher. You may want to consider sacrificing a little Adsense income if you can earn more money from other ad networks.

It is currently not in your best interest to only use Adsense on your websites. There are many great alternatives with good payout rates. Create new revenue streams from affiliate programs and forge new partnerships to go beyond Adsense.

Review Criteria

When I look for a new ad network to work with they have to fulfill a few criteria.

  • 1) Network has existed for longer than 1 year
  • 2) They should have decent traffic and users
  • 3) They should have a decent backend
  • 4) Friendly and forthcoming managers
  • 5) Fast-loading ads, nothing is worse than ads with ten scorecards.
  • 6) Decent reviews by existing users.

Pop-Under Network #1: PropellerAds

You have probably heard of this ad network before. They do a lot of promoting on webmaster forums and communities and are fairly popular. But they’re not only good at promotion, they also have very decent payout rates and their backend is top-notch. I very much enjoy working with this network. Their ads are not so aggressive and they offer a great variety of different ads including mobile push-up ads.

For certain countries their rate is as low as $0.001 per impression, but for US traffic they pay very well. They attempt to fill 100% of your geo-traffic.

What other ad formats does PropellerAds provide aside from pop-under ads?

Quite a few:
Propeller Ads Ad Formats

  • Direct
  • Banner Ads (IAB, 300×250, 728×90, …)
  • Mobile: Dialog Ads (Push-Up)
  • Mobile: Interstitial

The greatest advantage of PropellerAds is that they have dedicated teams who will optimize your revenue by finding advertiser campaigns that will create the highest revenue for your specific audience. This makes Propeller my personal top choice on this list, because I know there’s a team that really cares about finding something that my audience can at least somewhat relate to.

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Pop-Under Network #2: PopAds

Popads Network

PopAds has been established in 2010 and is one of the largest pop-under networks in existence. Its greater focus on pop-unders makes it an excellent choice: You can only allow pop-unders and exclude pop-ups, tab-under or tab-up ads. Other networks don’t give you this ability and often use pop-overs that are labeled as pop-unders.

They also have a very strict procedure to properly categorizes websites, which makes it more attractive for advertisers. Consequently, you can expect higher revenues because advertisers are getting a better return.

Ability to exclude campaigns with:

  • Autoplaying sound/video
  • Additional popups
  • Adult
  • Gambling content
  • Software promotions

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Pop-Under Network #3: ExoClick

ExoClick, established in 2006, is the 4th largest ad network in the world. I therefore trust they know what they are doing. They have a nice backend and their ads are not loading too slowly. All of that speaks for this network to be one of the top contenders. They also have very strict guidelines regarding the creation of adult campaigns, so publishers can be assured that there will be only family-friends ads if they exclude adult campaigns. They also also have live-stats, which means you can instantly tell how much you’re earning with them.

Exoclick Popunder Network.png

What other ad formats does PropellerAds provide aside from pop-under ads?

Quite a few:

  • Text Ad
  • Banner Ads (IAB, 300×250, 728×90, …)
  • Instant Message
  • Direct Link
  • In-Video
  • Mobile: Banner
  • Mobile: Redirection
  • Mobile: Popunder
  • Mobile: Instant Message
  • Apps: In-App

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Pop-Under Network #4: Gunggo

Gunggo Platform For Popuders.png

Gunggo, established in 2006, could be an excellent choice for larger publishers, but they are fairly aggressive. Their ads may include adult and dating ads. This makes it a less preferable choice for webmasters who run family-friendly websites.

Although they have a variety of other offers I believe they originally started out as an adult-only network, so keep that in mind when applying for this network. They are a large network and could possibly be a great fit for some online communities that don’t mind adult-oriented content. Compared to ExoClick it’s a small fish, but they have advertisers with deep pockets.

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Pop-Under Ads: Temporary Revenue Until Something Better Comes Along?

I am not fond of pop-under ads. However, when I visit a website that has pop-unders it’s not as annoying to me as an interstitial. That doesn’t mean they’re not an annoyance. With that in mind, you should start looking elsewhere when you have the time to replace pop-under ads.

Affiliate programs can pay greater money for leads. Adsense may not recover from this blow so soon. Consumers are now on Youtube and iPads. You may not have to like that development, but you have to be ready for it. It’s not too late to find or create products that your audiences likes and appreciates. When you do, you’ll benefit in a very economical way. Payouts for certain products can yield anywhere from $50-$300 and some even pay you for life (so called incremental, life-time revenue that you will receive as long as the customer stays). Especially high-margin products or long-term contracts can yield a handsome payout.

Some examples of high-margin products include: Insurance, webhosting or info products (courses/guides). Udemy has never been more popular – for good reason, people are hungry for knowledge. If you can give it to them, go for it.

Alternatively, try your hands at product creation, but make sure you can adequately support them and have the resources to promote them.


The massive decline of Adsense revenue for small media companies will force webmasters to be more aggressive with their advertising or start charging for content they produce. It’s obvious that many webmasters want to keep the web free, whereas large corporation want to turn this into a paid web – also known as corporate web. Innovation and an increase in upsells are the only choices at the moment that are left, but crowdfunding may allow us to keep the web free in the future.

Should you have any ideas how we can accelerate crowdfunding for websites, let us know in the comments!

Disclosure: I am an affiliate of the companies mentioned in this article, but this does not affect my review of the services. You can review the data for yourself and make an educated choice. In my personal opinion it is worth signing up for PropellerAds, ExoClick and PopCash and then compare what networks works best you. What works for others, may not work for you.

Part of the network? Should you find any incorrect data or you are an affiliate manager who would like to send us information to make this article more complete and up to date, send me a mail to [email protected]