retargeting ads on FacebookWhen launching an advertisement on Facebook there are a lot of criteria that you could set to determine who sees your ad. For example, you can specify that you only want to show your ad to single women in Windsor, Ontario, Canada that indicate that they work at Chryslers and ‘like’ movies. Sounds like we’re looking for someone to date, but the point is that you can really target your audience very granularly on Facebook.

Is There Now an Option to Run Ads on Facebook for People that Visited Your Site With the Intent to Buy?

You can now display your advertisement on Facebook but with a whole new set of criteria for determining the audience for the ad. Unfortunately though, the criteria cannot be in conjunction with the previously mentioned data set. The only target is that they have been to your web site and followed a specific action, we can’t filter them by gender, likes, employment, age, or geographic location, etc. At least not yet.

But that’s OK. We can still get the folks back to our site using real time bidding, whether it be the folks that showed intent to buy, or even just average browsers if we so choose. Cookies get added to the visitors machine and place the individual in a defined “group.”

Video: Retargeting in Action on Facebook and Through Google AdSense

Setting Up a Campaign on the Facebook Ad Exchange Involves Working With a Third Party Retargeting Company Like AdRoll

You use a completely different interface for setting up these Facebook retargeting ads right now. They aren’t setup using the Facebook ad platform that you’re used to. It requires visiting the web site of a 3rd party ad network that is an official Facebook Exchange partner.

I mention AdRoll because those that just getting their feet wet with this technology can get in with no minimum spend (same with TheTradeDesk and Turn it turns out – no minimums there either). There are some networks that require a minimum spend of $25k each and every month. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the $25k needs to be spent on Facebook retargeting, as it can be part of the budgeting for ads in th wild as well.

Perfect Audience might also be worth considering for low-budgeters as you can try for free and stay for $100 each month.

AdRoll Facebook retargeting

Consider the LiquidAds Feature for Highly Personalized Ads

I’m sure other ad networks will have a similar tool or feature, but LiquidAds is the name used on AdRoll. The way it works is it creates an ad dynamically for use on Facebook (or wherever it is that you are practicing retargeting). If the visitor was spending time looking through the “boots” on your site they will be retargeted with a “boot ad” on Facebook, auto-magically.

So, essentially, the retargeting matches the visitors browsing behaviour. It’s a way to have heaps of ads without having to set them up one by one. And they are highly targeted “to boot.” 😉

What Are Some Other Facebook Ad Retargeting Partners and What Are The Minimums To Get Started?

There are several partners to choose from to help you get your retargeting ads running on Facebook. They will offer self serve options and/or managed services. The minimum spend will differ significantly between partners, from “none” to as high as $25,000 or more.

Here’s a short list:

Company Name / Minimum Spend

AdParlor / $10,000

AdRoll / None

DataXu / $20,000 – $25,000

IgnitionOne / $25,000/month CPM

Kenshoo / $10,000/month

MediaMath / $25,000

Nanigans / $30,000/month

Optimal / $10,000/month

Perfect Audience / Free for two weeks, then $25/week minimum budget

RadiumOne / $10,000

Rocket Fuel / $20,000

TheTradeDesk / None

Turn / None

X+1 / $25,000/month approx.