A CPM Ad Network allows an advertiser to advertise to their network on a CPM (cost per mille) basis. From an advertiser’s perspective, this equates to how much you pay per 1000 impressions of your advertisement. The M stands for mille which is the latin word for thousand, not to be confused with million (although that would be nice for advertiser’s huh?)

CPM is great for branding and really getting your message out there. It is a campaign optimized for impressions as opposed to clicks. The same user may see your “message” multiple times. They may end up visiting (or revisiting) your site through the address bar (rather than by click) when your ad is properly branded using the optimized for CPM method of advertising. When someone converts into a sale or lead (etc) from just “viewing” an ad in this way, it is often referred to as a “view through” conversion.

Most retargeting/remarketing ad agencies offer CPM pricing, but really any network that offers CPM pricing qualifies as a CPM Network. This includes Google and Facebook.

Below is a list of some of the most popular and top rated networks that offer CPM advertising.

1. Google AdWords


Yes, the PPC (pay per click) giant Google offers advertising on a CPM basis. Mostly this is used for running ads on Google’s Content (or Display) Network, and in some cases it is used for retargeting or remarketing.

Their Content Network could be looked at as simply: the sites that run Google AdSense ads.

2. Facebook Advertising


Facebook is a very popular ad network that lets you really pinpoint your audience.

With the expansion of the Facebook Power Editor you can really fine tune your ads and make massive changes quickly. You can convert 150 ads in a campaign, for example, to use the CPM advertising model rather than CPC in a matter of minutes. The time involved really is a matter of how fast your computer is because you download your campaigns to your computer with the Power Editor plugin, make mass edits quickly, wait for your PC to process them, then re-upload to make them live.

And with tools like Social Lead Freak you can grab all the Facebook users in specific groups and make custom audiences in the Power Editor to advertise to them. Plus if you want to split test CPC and CPM, you can duplicate an entire campaign and all its ads very quickly.

3. BuyAds


Buy Ads was put in place to avoid having to negotiate direct media buys manually. Sites will list their advertising slots, and advertisers will fill them, and BuyAds handles the “middle steps.”

As an advertiser, you start by typing in a keyword that relates to your niche, or you can pick from a list of categories, or featured ad opportunities.

For example, after typing in “raw food” I am given a list of sites that I can advertise on like: AllRecipes.com, iFoodTV, SeriousEats, and so on.

I am presented with the monthly uniques for the sites, and the starting CPM rate. At that point I can expand the details which defines the placements and rates with an “add to cart” button. Simple!

4. BuySellAds

Buy Sell Ads is very similar to BuyAds in that you fill pre-existing advertising slots.

This prevents the need to go to a web site directly to negotiate advertising. It’s easier and there’s much less “paperwork.”

But keep in mind that in some cases you can get cheaper rates going direct, but often it isn’t worth the extra hassle. The reason it might be cheaper is because some sites will jack up the CPM rate because they are losing a cut to the network. But they clearly don’t realize the benefit of having a built in advertiser traffic source, and plus it’s less paperwork for them as well.

So, rather than increase the CPM rates, they really should keep them the same and take the loss instead of making advertisers pay more. IMHO. I tend to boycott the sites that increase rates on networks.

I digress.

Buy Sell Ads has lots of options for any niche advertiser, including the ability to buy Tweets. So, if you want to send a Tweet out to Paris Hilton’s Twitter followers, you may, but be prepared to pay $4,600 per Tweet to her 11 million some odd followers. But don’t worry, most are much much cheaper. I found a couple in the $10 and $15 range with a quick glance.

With that said, while I like BuySellAds, BuyAds is much simpler to navigate and use, and has a much cleaner layout.

5. AdRoll


AdRoll is one of the more popular, and simple to use networks in the retargeting space. My past experience with them wasn’t the best but their platform has improved significantly in just the past year alone, and I am now a customer once again.

They allow you to advertise on their network of sites, which includes the Facebook Ad Exchange, on a CPM basis. This network is strictly for banner advertising, no text ads allowed. Since they are dealing with a large network, they are restricted on what you are allowed to advertise. Everything from the creative to the landing page will be scrutinized.

But you can cookie your audience along the sales funnel and remarket to them appropriately wherever they go, including back to Facebook.