We all want to have a successful online business and see our dreams come to fruition. Whether we’re selling music online or earning a living from another business niche, clearly, we strive to succeed. We want what’s best for our audience as well as for our bottom line.

Yet, excited as we are about our business, who hasn’t felt like giving up or faced setbacks? We’ve all had one of those days. Or weeks. Or . . . you get the point. At times like this, sometimes it helps to sit back and catch a good dose of inspiration. Who better than the likes of Reddit.com co-founder or WordPress Founder Matt Mullenweg to offer some insight?

In the 7 videos below, a variety of wildly successful people tell you what they look for in an entrepreneur, their suggested steps for success and how to stay on track.

Seven Inspirational Videos to Keep You Motivated

1. How to Make a Splash in Social Media

Alexis Ohanian video

Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit, the social-voting news website, explains what Splashy Pants is all about and why the concept should matter to you. In his brief video, he explains how what started as a Greenpeace mission to save the humpback whale quickly turned into a Splashy Pants (watch the video to see what this is) social media phenomenon that grew into a mega marketing campaign and ultimately led to the Japanese government calling off a whaling expedition. How can you apply this to your corner of the world as an online entrepreneur? The Splashy Pants lesson here is that 1) it’s ok if something about your business takes off in a direction you didn’t anticipate 2) never underestimate the power of social media to help your product or idea take off. You never know what can help you make it big, if you allow it to happen and embrace change. Head’s up: Ohanian’s a bit of a fast-talker, but his quick-paced style translates to energy that’ll get you excited about thinking outside the box and stepping outside your comfort zone.

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2. Do What You Love (no Excuses)

Gary Vaynerchuk video

Gary Vaynerchuk of Wine Library TV who also has his own entrepreneurship consulting firm, is one part comedian and one part businessman in this video. Warning: the video contains some adult language here and there, so get the little ones out of the room or skip it all together if bad words send you into a tizzy. In this video, Vaynerchuk elaborates on something many online entrepreneurs have heard time and again: do what you love. In fact, he begins his talk saying that ” . . . way too many people in this room right now are doing stuff they hate. Please stop doing that.” He expounds on the importance of following our passions, what it means to have a sense of community and what one question we should ask ourselves to determine if we’re happy where we are on the career front. Vaynerchuk also reminds us of the importance of taking business seriously and sprinkles his inspiring words with advice about answering emails, facing self-doubt and the concept that “legacy is greater than currency.”

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3. 404, The Story of a Page not Found

Renny Gleeson video

We know the importance of giving our audience a smooth-running web site that’s formative and easy to navigate. But sometimes, mistakes like the dreaded error page can happen. Renny Gleeson, Global Digital Strategies Director for a large ad agency with clients like Nike and Target, wants you to know that sometimes, making the most out of a goof-up like this can be the best thing we’ve done. Now before you scratch you head in confusion, let’s clarify: he’s not advocating dismissing mistakes and slacking off of web site design. Rather, he encourages people to turn mistakes into something that engages audiences despite the fact that the page they want isn’t there. He discusses the feeling your visitors have when they come to an error page, where a 404 error actually comes from and how this “slap in the face” can actually become a business-building opportunity. Quite simply, he says, “. . . a simple mistake can tell me what you are not, or it should remind me of why I love you.”

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4. 8 Secrets of Success

Richard St. John video

Without going into unnecessary detail, analyst Richard St. John offers a top-line glance of the eight secrets of successful people. It’s no surprise that that he found success by doing (you’ve heard this before) what he loved and guess what? It’s one of the secrets. Watch to get the remaining seven, plus an entertaining peek at an acronym we can all relate too. Warning: there’s some bad language as part of the acronym, however, it’s simultaneously funny and true.

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The Key to Success? Grit.

Angela Lee Duckworth video

While Angela Lee Duckworth, consultant turned seventh grade math teacher turned psychologist, talks primarily about children in this video, she’s quick to show how her observations can help adults in the business world. Her bottom line is that success is not about looks, IQ or social intelligence, but rather grit. Perseverance, willingness to fail and sticking with something through thick and thin are some of the areas she explores here saying that it’s important to ” . . . live life like it’s a marathon, not a sprint.” Check it out (opens in new window)

What Bill Maris (Google Ventures) Looks for in an Entrepreneur

Bill Maris video

Bill Maris of Google Ventures hones in on the traits he looks for in entrepreneurs. Guess what? It’s not necessarily off-the-charts confidence and know-how. It’s being kind and good-hearted. Seriously. Well, persistence and the ability to focus despite the odds are helpful too. He also discusses the entrepreneur personality type myth. Overall, his words reinforce the fact that nice guys don’t always finish last.

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Matt Mullenweg – Young Entrepreneurs Listen Up!

Matt Mullenweg video

Feel like giving up? Don’t. You know that wonderful thing called WordPress? Matt Mullenweg, founder of WordPress, talks about working through the tough times and forging on despite the odds. His inspirational words make us feel better about bad days or instances when the ideas we set out with completely change direction. In this video, he mentions that work ethic, inspiring and empowering others and the ability to delegate are essential for success.

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