If you’re an internet marketer and you have your own product(s) to offer, then you know how hard it can be sometimes to acquire affiliates. Affiliates are great, because as long as you’re offering them a reasonable commission, and still getting a fair amount of money yourself, it’s basically free money (well, with digital products at least). While you can never effectively cover every single different traffic source by yourself, affiliates can.

They can tap their own lists, and their own social networks to bring you a nice chunk of sales right off the bat. And of course, you also have super-affiliates, who will create large and successful paid advertising campaigns, as well as websites, that will use their own personal ad inventory to help bring you sales from that avenue as well. There’s really countless ways to do it, but that brings up one important question, and that is… how do you actually get these affiliates in the first place? This article series, will explain how you can do just that.

Tactic #1: Create a Dedicated Page

The first thing that you have to remember, is that it’s important to have an ENTIRE page dedicated JUST to getting affiliates. Don’t skimp out by having just a small “click here to become an affiliate button” that redirects to a sign-up form. No, you need to have an entirely different sales-funnel in order to get the most affiliates. That means a sales-page dedicated to getting affiliates, as well as possibly even having an opt-in and auto-responder series as well. Too many people just try to get away with telling people what commission is that they’re offering is, and that’s about it. You have to have a sales-page that really sells affiliates on why they should do business with you. Ideally, if you can show examples of how much money that you, or other affiliates have made with it, then great. Make sure you show them proof for every claim that you make, particularly with EPC-type claims.

On top of that, you don’t just want to HAVE these salespages, you also want to ACTIVELY market them. That means paid traffic campaigns that target affiliates. Market it with PPC, PPV, Media Buys, whatever you want to do, but make sure to spread the word about your affiliate offers. If you genuinely have an offer that converts, making this worth the investment, should really be no trouble. You really don’t need to treat this any differently from a regular marketing campaign like you’d do with your normal product. Your just marketing a different offer here (an affiliate offer), and obviously, the people interested in this offer will be a part of a different demographic than the people you normally target, but, other than that, it’s just another marketing campaign, so it requires good ad copy, split-testing, targeting traffic, the whole bit. This can often yield you some SIGNIFICANT returns, simply because most people just don’t go this extra mile.

Affiliate Salespage

Tactic #2: Offer High Or Even 100% Commissions

One mistake many people make when trying to acquire affiliates, is not being willing to give enough commissions on the front-end. I know, 50-65% commissions sound attractive, but really, they’re not that great (at least not on digital products). Of course, on physical products there’s a lot more involved than just having an automated system send the product to the buyer the moment they order, so you have to figure out what you can do based on your costs… but with digital products, you can really offer as much as you want to.

What you really should be doing, is making sure you’re not just offering one product, but instead, offer a wide variety of upsells on the backend. Once you do this, you’ll be able to make your money on the back-end, and you’ll be able to offer your affiliates 100% up-front commissions. This is VERY attractive to affiliates, because they feel almost as if they own their own product, but of course, they didn’t have to put in any of the effort to create it. Given how hard it is these days to get super-affiliates in the digital products industry, it’s important that you offer as much as you possibly can. Losing a few good affiliates because you want to offer a bit less commission can cost you a serious amount in the long run, so make sure to be generous!